Virginia Living!

Just a little announcement:

I’m excited to let you know I have an essay appearing in the June issue of Virginia Living magazine!

It was a thrill to work with the kind folks at the magazine again (I also had an essay published back in their February 2016 issue) and as a native Virginian, like my parents and theirs, it was especially fun to contribute to a publication I’ve had in my own home over the years.

Below is a link to my essay in the online version of Virginia Living.  Check it out and if you like please comment on their site below the essay!

Thanks to all those who’ve asked what I’ve been up to lately. Blogging continues to be fun and has proven to be an exciting pathway to some great opportunities.

Stuart M. Perkins



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83 responses to “Virginia Living!

  1. tellthetruth1

    Made my day, reading that. Incredibly beautiful, Stuart. Left a message on t’other site, too, 🙂

  2. I have just finished pulling 3 green waste bins full of those nettles that choke out every other living thing and bind the ferns together. I could not have viewed them so sweetly as you just wrote about them. I realize they serve a purpose and nature abhors a vacuum, so as I remove the nettle and the stickers that attach themselves to my gloves and clothes, I think of what can be planted in their place. Now I will think of you and your grandmother. I like that it is all about perspective as is everything in life.

  3. Congratulations on having your essay published.

  4. Paul

    As an aside Stuart, I just did a guest post over at Mark Bialczak’s. I would be honored if you had the time to drop by for a read. Thank You.

  5. Congratulations! How exciting. 🙂

  6. J.T. Hendrix

    Again, Stuart, I love your writing!

    The illustration used with this publication was really great too. Congratulations for continuing to publish–and this time with a magazine that’s been in your life for so long. Very exciting!

  7. Congrats, Stuart. I look forward to readying your article.

  8. Congratulations on the great press-continued success. 🙂

  9. Congratulations! Look forward to reading your blog posts!

  10. Thoughtfully done. I’ve just read two of your blogs and now I am hooked. Thank you!

  11. Wonderful! Many congrats!

  12. Woohoo! Congratulations!! : )

  13. It’s 8:45 PM and the AC is still running outside my window, as it is still 100 degrees out, according to the Weather Channel. But I could really feel the frost in my toes and fingers, and my cold wet gloves as I read your story in Virginia Living. You have a gift for observing Life, Stuart! It was a great pleasure to relive my days of sledding back in Cleveland on this hot,dry night in Phoenix. Best regards, Yerpalty in The Arid Zone

  14. Thought my post was under your sledding article in Virginia Living.??

  15. Congratulations 😀…please follow my blog…i will really appreciate..

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