Stuart M. Perkins is originally from Richmond, Virginia. He enjoys relating observations of daily life and recollections of growing up in a large family surrounded by cousins and animals. Everyday experiences often carry great messages. Layers of ordinary reality can be peeled back to reveal the genuinely humorous or poignant themes buried in common daily events.

Life is full of “mini-scenarios”, each hiding an interesting story. Peeling back, or shucking the obvious from the situation to reveal the entertaining story beneath is what Stuart enjoys most. Shucking the story from the facts.


Stuart currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

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  1. I really like the concept of “shucking”, as you’ve described it here! Thanks for visiting my blog so I’d know to hop over here and have a glimpse 🙂

  2. Stuart, are you familiar with Our American Stories? Please check them out: OurAmericanStories.com. Let me know if you’d be interested in recording some stories for them. joynealkidney@gmail.com

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