Stuart M. Perkins is originally from Richmond, Virginia. He enjoys relating observations of daily life and recollections of growing up in a large family surrounded by cousins and animals. Everyday experiences often carry great messages. Layers of ordinary reality can be peeled back to reveal the genuinely humorous or poignant themes buried in common daily events.

Life is full of “mini-scenarios”, each hiding an interesting story. Peeling back, or shucking the obvious from the situation to reveal the entertaining story beneath is what Stuart enjoys most. Shucking the story from the facts.


Stuart currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

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  1. Hello Stuart, I really appreciate your support in following my blog. It means a lot to receive encouragement to keep going with something that is an inherent part of my being. Your work here is beautiful and you write with such clarity and instinctive insight of the world surrounding you. Thank you so much, Edris x

  2. Thanks so much Storyshuckers, for stopping by my blog and hitting the ‘like’ button! I am honored! It’s great to go through your stories blog, I love fiction and enjoy reading stories. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Stuart, I just read your Raker Man story. My brother Charles was like your friend Francisco. Hell, after Diane’s comments, he would’ve run down and pushed that wheelbarrow himself, laughing all the way. Thank you for coming by on his birthday. Claudia

  4. Hi Stuart. Thank you for following my blog. It means a lot since I just started writing and am yet to reach my first 50 followers :). I completely agree with you when you say “life is full of mini-scenarios” and that’s what I write about- my experiences.
    Am hoping to learn a lot from your blogs…

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following today! So honored and grateful. Wishing you all the best and appreciate your writing.

  6. Hello Stuart
    Given your following I am honored you took the time to visit my neo-weblog. I will look forward to exploring your offerings.
    Take care,

  7. Habiba

    Hey Stuart,
    I would like to thank you for following my newly born blogging website and for your like on my latest writing. I feel honored for you to paying a visit on my site and becoming the first follower. After reviewing your blog I can not stop reading your blogs one after another, you write amazingly! I admire your passion about penning some life away! πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks for the follow. I am glad to have discovered your blog. Just from a preview of your posts and your About page, I am impressed by the richness of your content and can’t wait to browse around and read more. Following you right back.

  9. Your posts make me smile. I’m pretty amazed that you found me. I have a small audience of readers so it’s kind of neat to be noticed by someone with over 40,000 fans!

  10. Hi Stuart,
    I just wanted to thank you for following me and for your support on my first post. I’ll be sure to follow you, and not just because you followed me but because your posts seem really interesting.
    Thanks again!


    gratitude Mate, for following my blog, It’s really an honor for me

  12. Stuart!
    You inspire us.

  13. Teensy Weensy Gal

    Amazing blog! Thankiee for following mine! πŸ˜€

  14. I wanted to say thank you for taking time to follow my tiny unknown blog. There’s not much to it since I am just starting out and still trying to get the hang of every thing. The fact that you are following this tiny blog of mine, means a lot to me. Maybe I can learn from your blog. again thank you so much. πŸ™‚

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  16. Thank you for your recent likes at IdeasN. Happy New Year and enjoy the new year 2017.

  17. Hi thank you so much for following eighteenandbeyondblog you don’t know how much it means to me, and for that i followed you back as well. Ps it’s a good looking blog, keep it up. Have a nice day xoxo Aries Eli

  18. Thank you Stuart for taking time to “like” and follow too! I am honoured by your presence. My very humble blog is just a prayer repository really, a lot for my own joy and growth. I am truly grateful if others to find some joy there. God bless your fingers which can tell such cool stories! Ana

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  20. Hi Stuart,
    I realize my voice is just a drop in the ocean, but I wanted to let you know your writing has been wonderful to read and very inspiring. That’s why I’d like to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Follow this link (http://wp.me/p7OhSP-1k4) to your award. I realize with thousands of followers you’ve probably already received this award so if you don’t participate I completely understand. Just know you’ve been very influential. Thank you!

  21. hailangeliccreation

    Thank you very much for following my blog! I hope my work lives up to expectations. Please, feel free to leave feedback or prompts anytime!
    Happy reading!
    -Author S

  22. Hi Stuart,
    I am pleased to tell you that I have officially nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award of 2017. For more details please see https://marydellavalle.wordpress.com/2017/02/20/mystery-blogger-award-2017/. I hope you will find the time to answer my few questions.

  23. jodisiu

    Thank you for the follow. I am looking forward getting lost in your words

  24. Hey, thanks for the follow!

  25. Thank you for following. I will follow in return ;),

  26. Anindya

    Lovely blog Stuart…..it’s an honour to get connected….thank you for visiting my blog too…:)

  27. Stuart,

    I see you are following my “Delight in Disorder” blog. Great! Thanks.

    I have just moved my blog within the website, “Delight in Disorder: Faith & Mental Illness” (delightindisorder.org) I hope you’ll join me there. You can subscribe on the left sidebar under the heading, “More Delight.”


  28. Are you a-okay, Storyshucker? Long time, no hear… Hope all is well for you…

  29. Okay, I can only hope you are very well and writing a magnificent book for us! Hope at least the former is so πŸ™‚

  30. Hi Stuart! Thank you for liking some of my posts and following me. I look forward to reading your work!

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  32. Thank you for subscribing, Stuart. My mother’s family used the stories of their lives as examples for the lessons they learned. I will check out yours, too.

  33. Jack Ritchie

    Thanks for becoming the first follower of my blog, Stuart. I checked out yours and couldn’t help but stick around as the stories were catchy, humorous, and witty. Keep sharing your talent!

  34. brm7

    Thanks for the like on the Holy Land Experience. Appreciate it.

  35. multitasker

    Thank you for the like for my recent post πŸ™‚

  36. Hi Stuart
    For someone so established to follow my blog and see potential, means the world. I have been experimenting with my content and hope your follow is because it resonates well with you?
    Your blog is so exhilarating, as the experiences you have had, create this overwhelming feeling the reader is there experiencing it for themselves.
    Your writing is infatuating and shows how talented and experienced you are.
    can’t wait to see more.
    love always,
    Juliette ❀

    • Wanda Staples

      I was wondering. I was drawn to your site by your story on the Appalachian people. I have about 50 boxes of clothes, sheets, blankets, and we feel pair of shoes along with a kitchen and livoingg room furniture. I wad wondering you could tell me how i can get these things to them. I also have a 35 foot trailer that needs a new floor in the kitchen area that someone can have also.

  37. Thanks for the follow…it means a lot coming from such an experienced and popular blogger! It is really encouraging to start blogging again after a lapse of a few months! I am excited to join the community again! Love the new post on the Grand Canyon visit! ❀

  38. Bryntin

    I can only assume that follow was accidental. Never mind, I enjoyed finding out where it came from.

  39. Hey Stuart, thank you for following my blog! It looks like we share similar outlooks on certain situations, according to your blog description. How in the world did you get so many followers??? I have about 9 I guess, I’m not sure though because it’s hard to keep up with them all! Lol! I write true stories that have happened in my life and I enjoy sharing them with others. I’ve always written my thoughts down, but usually I threw them away shortly after. I finally decided to just share them. I write for me! But I do enjoy when others like my stories. Welcome to my brain! I’m going to read more of yours this coming week.

  40. Hi Mr. Perkins,

    Thank you for liking my post and following my little blog. It means a lot to me. Your blog is full of fine writing and beautiful pictures. It is little wonder that I am now another follower of your blog.

    Have a great day!


  41. What a great idea! And I love the phrase storyshucker

  42. Hi Stuart ,
    I am grateful for your support and for following my blog, thus in the spirit of the Season I’ll like to share with you my New eBook cost FREE. Please do let me know how I can get it across to you. If you have an email id, that will be best.

  43. Meg Corrigan

    Hey, Stuart, thanks for “liking” my blog “Advent Calendars!” You’ve liked my stuff before and I read your blog sometimes too. Keep up the good work, Man! You do a great job! Blessings, Meg Corrigan, Christian Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Sexual Assault Survivor

  44. Hi Stuart,
    Thanks for following my blog! I am very familiar with your neck of the woods and get to travel there a couple times per year. Blessings as you share the stories revealed to us!

  45. I appreciate that you followed my blog, Stuart. πŸ˜„ Love your title and explanation – very creative. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

  46. Nguva MaTymes

    Thanks Stuart for following my blog. I look forward to interacting with you more in your writing.

  47. Thank you for following my blog, Stuart. In doing that, you led me to probably my favourite blogger’s page. I absolutely love your writing.

  48. winerproductions

    Same here.. Interesting Writing. always looking for ways to grow my blog and my community knowledge of bloggers

  49. diaryofascribbler

    Hello Stuart πŸ™‚
    Thank you for following my blog. It is an encouragement to see people like what one has written. Thanks again.

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