Stuart M. Perkins is originally from Richmond, Virginia. He enjoys relating observations of daily life and recollections of growing up in a large family surrounded by cousins and animals. Everyday experiences often carry great messages. Layers of ordinary reality can be peeled back to reveal the genuinely humorous or poignant themes buried in common daily events.

Life is full of “mini-scenarios”, each hiding an interesting story. Peeling back, or shucking the obvious from the situation to reveal the entertaining story beneath is what Stuart enjoys most. Shucking the story from the facts.


Stuart currently lives in Alexandria, Virginia.

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  1. Thanks for finding — and following — my blog, good sir! Now I’m off to explore your writings.

  2. I got visit Virginia for the first time last year. Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you for the ‘like’ and ‘follow’! It truly made my day :).

  3. Wow. How do you get 38,000 followers? I hope to have that many some day

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  10. Thanks Stuart for the follow n visiting my blog, Nice meeting you! Blessings

  11. Thank you for the like and follow. I look forward to reading your writing.

  12. Isn’t Richmond, Virginia, where John Grisham lives? Passedby his house when unmy first visit to U s.

  13. Thanks for the like and follow! I’m so looking forward to reading more of your shucked stories! 🙂

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    I look forward to losing myself in your stories ❤
    Feel so very LOVED & hugged, BE Blessed ❤
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  22. Thanks Mr. Stuart for the follow! 🙂 I followed you back and am now exploring your blog. I agree with your ‘About’ page. There are a lot of mini scenarios in life. I also create stories from those mini scenarios. 😀

  23. this is huge compared to what i do at iQUIT. thanks for following, i feel like i have a mammoth amount of things to learn from you. thank you again!

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    Love what you’re doing here, BTW!

  29. Hi Stuart. Thanks so much for liking my paintings. Your interest really boosts my spirits and creativity.
    I read Thanks Alice and really loved it. Nice work!

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    Thanks for the like and follow. Love these stories!! Everyday life really is fascinating. If only more folks would just take the time to notice. At least your blog shows us how. 🙂

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    You are following my blog 366squares.wordpress.com. You probably haven’t seen anything new in quite a while… That’s because I’ve changed its address to 366squares.omognard-photography.com. And unfortunately I couldn’t migrate the subscriptions as well.
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    Hello Mr. Perkins,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and following; I appreciate it!
    God Bless ~

  36. Wanda Staples

    I have between 20 to 25 of clother, towels, and dome toys. I would like to know if someone would be willing to come to the Poconos to pick them up? I guess I need to know how I can get the boxes to the Appalachian people. I also have bikes. My e-mail address is wandstaples@gmail.com. Thanks for your help. Wanda

    • That is go great that you’re willing to help people. We just don’t do it anymore. Some of my friends moved and one passed away and we just could no longer do it. But I am sure there’s someone near you, a local place, who would love to take those things. Good for you for helping out!

  37. I love your stories. Please keep on writing them.

  38. Thanks for liking my post. Always enjoy your stories.

  39. Hi Stuart…..thank you for the honour of following my blog…. Im new at this, so it means a lot that a veteran like yourself wants to read what iv humbly written.
    Im not so familiar with wordpress and do get a little lost, but am learning…
    Love what you say in your profile about seeing things in the ordinary….Im pretty house/bedbound as im poorly (for years now) and looking for the delightful, insightful and the meaning (positively….(and not so at times too as only human)…feeds and nourishes my soul..!.
    Kind regards
    Dorset. UK

  40. Hi Stuart,

    I’ve always enjoyed reading your captivating stories. This is why I have nominated YOU for the Mystery Blogger Award. Congratulations!

    Your participation is voluntary, however I’d be honored if you accept it. Let’s do a great good by promoting each other and spreading the word.

    Here’s the link https://comeinsitdown.wordpress.com/2016/11/02/mystery-blogger-award/

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    Hi Stuart, thanks for finding my blog – am so glad I found yours! I can’t wait to read all these wonderful, thought provoking stories.

  42. Thank you Stuart for visiting my blog. I read some of your blog and inspired me to pursue my interest in writing. I wish to write more articles consistently . Thanks for sharing your interesting stories to the world.

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    Thank you, Stuart, for following my blog. You have a gentle style with touching messages.

  44. How true. I like your attitude towards daily living. I, as well have been observing & recording for some 34 years. Numerous tales to write about. All for the honor of the Mighty Creator we serve. All by the power of love from on high. Thanks for your visit. Hope you visit again. 🙂

  45. Hello Stuart – thanks for following and it’s a pleasure to have discovered you and your writing. With Kind Regards from over the pond,

  46. Too often, we forget the simplicity of just writing what we know. You seem to master that. Thank you for following, it’s a pleasure to have connected with you! – Amber

  47. Hi Stuart
    I like your site and love the idea of ‘shucking’ the fun out of everyday situations. I had not come across this term before. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for following. I look forward to getting to connecting with you through the blog world, reading more of your poetry and thoughts, and hope that you find something interesting enough on my site to keep coming back.
    Have a wonderful week 😊

  48. our story about the Roses and your G’Ma really gripped my heart. My Grandmother (MaryJane Lewis) was also an avid garden-grower and she definitely had a Major Green-thumb for any kind of a plant, whether it be in her home, or outside planted in her sunny yard.

    This reading brought-back many days of seeing Grandma prune and fuss with her roses and other flowers and tend to her meticulous garden(s). “Thanks for the walk don memory lane!” It was nostalgic!!


    Jennifer Lewis

    (would you please consider leaving me a Comment?)

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    Thank you for following “Biscuits and Books”, allow me to return the favor🙂

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