Just A Note…

It was about nine years ago when a friend rolled her eyes as I launched into yet another story about… oh, I don’t know. It could have been about the powerful influence of my grandmother, it could have been about a poignant moment with my kids, or it could have been about a valuable lesson from my parents.

Or… it could have been about any number of things I’ve blogged about since. Chicken nuggets, junk drawers, or the smell of dirt. Deep stuff like that.

I’ve always felt everything has a story and I made my friend suffer through that belief! She would just say “Write it down!”, while vigorously pointing her finger at me.

She encouraged me to blog when I didn’t really know what one was. And when I did learn, I doubted anyone would care to read my family memories, daily observations, or nonsense about a finial from the floor lamp we had when I was a kid. (Yeah, a finial.).

She nagged until I wrote that first piece and had nerve enough to hit the “publish” button. Then, I sat back and waited to be ridiculed. I’ve never been a slave to good grammar and punctuation and I’ve never taken writing classes, so my stomach churned as if I’d just turned in a term paper. But, I was told I should write what I feel and not worry about the rest. So I did. And I do.

Writing is fun. I’ve always thought so. Having someone read what you write is even better. And when those who read what you write feel so strongly about it that they write to you, well that’s the best.

In nine years of posting bits of memories and such, I’ve gotten some great comments. What’s made the feedback special is that most has come from fellow bloggers. These writers understand the power of sharing a story and appreciate the fun and fear involved in the process.

As a nod of thanks, below, in no particular order (except I give a special shout out to Katelon Jeffereys because she was essentially the very first years ago to comment and has been supportive ever since!) are links to the blogs of some who have followed and supported my blogging all these years.

There are also many other familiar names I recognize as followers, in addition to the one-time comments from random readers just passing through. I appreciate them all. Support means everything.

Encouragement from the folks below often came at times when I thought I had nothing left to write about. (Then I’d notice something magical… like a doorknob… and think, hmmm, there’s probably a story there…). This list is not at all a “review” as I see on occasion. It’s a note of appreciation. They all have something worthwhile to say in their blogs and they’ve certainly helped shape what I include in my own.

This is a “Thank You!”

Stuart M. Perkins

https://empowerandbalance.wordpress.com/    Katelon Jeffereys





















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115 responses to “Just A Note…

  1. Well, you definitely have the gift to make a simple story very interesting. Most of us have shared similar experiences and you have been able to put them into words. I also didn’t know what a blog was but liked to take pictures of my garden and I found an audience that likewise liked to look at endless photos, of flowers, bugs, and other critters.

  2. Thank you so much for including me & my blog, Stuart. I am honored. And everything you said here about writing a blog is so true. I am occasionally paid for what I write (Chicken Soup for the Soul will be including a story of mine in a new book of theirs in April) but what I enjoy writing most is my blog even though I don’t get paid MONEY for it. Like you, the thing that touches me most is having someone read something I write, be touched by it or moved in some way & letting me know. To me, THAT is truly success as a writer … & is where my heart lies. It is worth more than gold.

    • Exactly! It’s fun to pop things out there and hope for the best, but we never really know unless someone says they liked it! Or didn’t like it – which is fair! Either way, the feedback is everything. Thanks!

  3. I’m a newcomer, so bless you for including me! (Gotta find your finial story!)

  4. Storyteller

    Aash…so i will take that on board. Though must say my friends are opposite. I mention blogging abd their eyes glaze over.

  5. I have always enjoyed your stories and observations about the ordinary things that make up our daily lives.

  6. Jorine Naggayi

    Gratitude is a very powerful thing. A reminder that every little thing matter in one’s life.

  7. Ah 🙂 Stuart…..thanks so much for honoring me in this way. I’ve always loved your stories and related to you as I also love to tell stories. It takes a certain person to enjoy hearing or reading them. As you know from my blog, I have a work partner I’ve worked with, via skype, for over 7 years, and known him much longer. He often gets frustrated with my need to add details, process, tell stories in regards to my life or as part of our work. He would be happy with just the facts Ma’am. I had another friend who I showed an article to. I had just written it for an online spiritual books and tools store and wanted his feedback. He gave no feedback for the story, its impact or meaning but simply stated “You know there is a dangling participle here?” Grrr!

    I love your stories because you don’t care about grammar, and yet they are well written and you come from your heart. I love how much you cherish things, memories, people, incidents and notice them. That awareness you have with life is always what draws me. Thanks for the comfort shared over the years.


    • Ohhh I’m sure I have participles dangling all over the place! I aim for the correct technical stuff but know I never really hit the target every time. I hope when all is said and done that somebody might say they remember giggling or crying over something I wrote, not that my participles were left dangling…lol. Thank you, thank you, for all of the comments. You always share a great story WITHIN your comments. Love that.

  8. You are most welcome, Stuart. I always enjoy your musings and look forward to more in the future. Continued success!

  9. Diane Perkins

    Good reminder about the importance of gratitude and of course the attitude of gratitude. The talent to draw others into their own memories while sharing yours is what I appreciate.

    • Thanks Diane! I do love it when someone says they might not have/do/see/know exactly the thing I am writing about (sometimes they do) but it reminded them of this or that – and then they mention something they would never have remembered again otherwise. Love that.

  10. As your followers have told you, and as you acknowledge and affirm, it is the way you lay your heart out there and speak from the depths of your soul, sharing with such transparency that makes you so endearing, Stuart. I am delighted to be on your list … and thank you from the bottom of my heart! Bless you! Keep on sharing – I love your stories!! ❤️🥰

    • Thanks Jan! You keep sharing too. I loved back in I think it was December and you posted your poem about the electricity being out but you gave a “hooray” because the coffee timer had kicked in before the electricity failed! That was fun! Thanks again…

  11. Great way of honoring those who inspire, those who follow, those who read and those who comment! Looking forward to your next post!

  12. Your stories are always so heartwarming and a joy to read. Thank you for including me – yes, I’m a faithful fan!

  13. You write what you feel and it brings us back for more because it resonates with us. By reading and commenting, we support each other and that is a good thing. Keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll keep on keeping on.

  14. Aimer Boyz

    Thanks for thinking to include me in your list of supporters, Stuart. You’re very welcome, but I have to say, the pleasure is mine. Your stories are unique, written from a personal perspective that speaks to all. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to the end of one of your posts without smiling. A gift for which I thank you 🙂

  15. Thanks so much, Stuart. I appreciate being included in this illustrious group. Most of all, I appreciate your excellent writing and storytelling. Blessings.

  16. I began reading the names here, wondering how many I might have come across. What a lovely surprise to see my name! Thank you.

    When I see a Stuart post coming up, I always settle back in my chair, knowing my eyes will not wander nor my thoughts flit about. You are a fantastic story teller, no matter what the subject is. When I finish, I take time to absorb the tale, letting it roam about in my head. The very last thing I think about is your writing. Your style is superb, because the story unfolds so beautifully that I never think about the mechanics of writing. No wonder you are a model for many people. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.

  17. It’s fun to read a blogger who basically ‘opens a vein’ to invite us to see. Thanks very much for the mention.

  18. Such a meaningful way to show your appreciation

  19. Joyce Carter

    Have always enjoyed the light hearted feeling I get when reading your stories about your happy childhood. 😊

  20. Thank you, Stuart, for including me in your list. I am honoured to be amongst such a group of writers. Whenever I see a post from you in my inbox I leave it to the very last post of the day to read, like the crunchy bits of a roast potato or the smooth centre of a Belgian chocolate. I am fascinated with your ability to write about nothing, like finials and doorknobs, and place them in the spotlight. You have influenced my own writing tremendously and whilst I am not often published I love writing on my blog in the same way. I am just sorry I was not following you for the finials and doorknob posts. The links would be great!
    Keep writing, Stuart. You never fail to produce smiles or tears, which I think are the marks of a great writer. God bless you

    • Hi Mandy! Your comments are always so thoughtful. Love them. Yes, keep writing! I’ll look for that finial link, lol! I think it was back in 2015 sometime, but I’ll hunt it down! Thanks again for all your support!

  21. Hey, I love this post! I couldn’t agree more with what you said about writing what you feel and no worries about the rest… yeah, that’s what blogging is about. Writing for sure is a great fun. Keep writing! All the best!

  22. Thanks for my inclusion. Narble does still live. And I will always look forward to your posts. They inform us all.

  23. hashtaglassie

    After deleting my blog a thousand years ago for reasons I can’t remember, and after the incessant struggle to put words to paper—screen, whatever—despite the gnaw I’ve felt in my belly to write, I was encouraged by someone to start writing again. And so I have. And there you were, my first like on my first post. What makes this interesting and what makes me, well, giddy is discovering that you write about doorknobs, too. I miss my writer friends on WordPress—who knows where they are these days—it’s good to so quickly find a kindred spirit. I have a feeling I’m going to like peaking inside your brain.

  24. Thank you for posting this. Since I am in my mid 40’s and just now started writing, you made me feel more comfortable. It’s scary that’s for sure!!

  25. parikhit

    This is a lovely post and encourages the WordPress community to just write and blog for there are patient ears to ‘listen’ to the stories we write 🙂

  26. Great story! Writing has a sort of natural healing power on the mind:)

  27. Jealous wish I could effortlessly, enjoyed this

  28. A little push is all it takes at times! Keep writing

  29. Thanks for your warm and wonderful stories, Stuart. I will miss reading them.

  30. Let’s support one another ❤❤

  31. It’s amazing that you find everything having a story worth being told…even a door knob🤩

  32. LadyMoonflower

    This is an inspiring post for me…I’m am new to this whole world and this is literally the first post I read after logging in…Thank you for your words…They are truly encouraging to me as someone starting out…Bless You and Thank You…

  33. Very nice post! For some reason, I could feel your happiness and gratefulness although I’m a newcomer here.
    All the best for you! 🙌🏻😊

  34. Wonderful post, what a beautiful way to express your thoughts and gratitude!

  35. I’ ve always enjoyed your stories Stuart. They are old school to me in that they involve real people and all their quirky genuineness. There is humor, reality and the occasional need for a Kleenex. Thanks to WordPress’s new disorganized meddling I rarely get my notifications from your blog though. Keep writing. This sad world needs your words.

  36. Wow!! every story is readable and relatable. It’s just about starting that’s the hardest thing to do. I too experienced so much joy writing but was just too scared to start out. My major fears were; will people accept it?, can anyone relate to my experiences?etc. Alas I’m excited that I took the steps to start writing. Big ups to you 👍

  37. Lovely dear.
    Great share, you are gifted dear that you are very good at story making.

  38. Stuart great job! I enjoyed reading this. I can connect on so many levels, especially as a communications major I still don’t get the language correct all the time. You conquered the inner conflict that you had with the fear of writing and look at you now!! Amazing! Glad we connected. Keep up the good work!

  39. Stuart,
    Thank you for the flattering inclusion of those who have encouraged you. We all are thankful for your writing. In a chaotic world, when reading your blog, we find ourselves in an order once taken for granted and now so longed for. You are gifted, for I, speaking for myself, when reading your work find myself drawn into your stories as though I were being drawn into a Norman Rockwell painting. A bygone time which is still in the present for those who will open their eyes, minds and hearts.

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  41. literaryscribe

    I just discovered your blog filled with stories, and you are truly an inspiration! It says a lot that you would share so much about your life here, encouraging others and leaving your own special marks on the world.

  42. DailyThoughtsProject

    I like to express and empathize. Writing it clarifies the emotion. Good writing by the way!

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  44. You’ve encapsulated the joy of blogging. Thanks for writing.

  45. amita sanghavi

    Hey! Good to come across this

  46. Daily Poetry

    You write well and are passionate about it. Your blog is a joy to visit.

  47. Love this, Stuart<3 I find myself feeling very similarly about the things I choose to write about. At the end of the day I find it cathartic and while I hope someone else may find something worthwhile of their time spent reading, I know that writing them brings me joy.

  48. Love this. Everything and everyone has so many stories. Thank-you for your wonderful ones🤗

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