Just A Note…

It was about nine years ago when a friend rolled her eyes as I launched into yet another story about… oh, I don’t know. It could have been about the powerful influence of my grandmother, it could have been about a poignant moment with my kids, or it could have been about a valuable lesson from my parents.

Or… it could have been about any number of things I’ve blogged about since. Chicken nuggets, junk drawers, or the smell of dirt. Deep stuff like that.

I’ve always felt everything has a story and I made my friend suffer through that belief! She would just say “Write it down!”, while vigorously pointing her finger at me.

She encouraged me to blog when I didn’t really know what one was. And when I did learn, I doubted anyone would care to read my family memories, daily observations, or nonsense about a finial from the floor lamp we had when I was a kid. (Yeah, a finial.).

She nagged until I wrote that first piece and had nerve enough to hit the “publish” button. Then, I sat back and waited to be ridiculed. I’ve never been a slave to good grammar and punctuation and I’ve never taken writing classes, so my stomach churned as if I’d just turned in a term paper. But, I was told I should write what I feel and not worry about the rest. So I did. And I do.

Writing is fun. I’ve always thought so. Having someone read what you write is even better. And when those who read what you write feel so strongly about it that they write to you, well that’s the best.

In nine years of posting bits of memories and such, I’ve gotten some great comments. What’s made the feedback special is that most has come from fellow bloggers. These writers understand the power of sharing a story and appreciate the fun and fear involved in the process.

As a nod of thanks, below, in no particular order (except I give a special shout out to Katelon Jeffereys because she was essentially the very first years ago to comment and has been supportive ever since!) are links to the blogs of some who have followed and supported my blogging all these years.

There are also many other familiar names I recognize as followers, in addition to the one-time comments from random readers just passing through. I appreciate them all. Support means everything.

Encouragement from the folks below often came at times when I thought I had nothing left to write about. (Then I’d notice something magical… like a doorknob… and think, hmmm, there’s probably a story there…). This list is not at all a “review” as I see on occasion. It’s a note of appreciation. They all have something worthwhile to say in their blogs and they’ve certainly helped shape what I include in my own.

This is a “Thank You!”

Stuart M. Perkins

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115 responses to “Just A Note…

  1. Writing IS fun! And, just like a grandmother’s health complaints, there is always something to talk about.

  2. kindcompascoach

    Stuart, I have been reading your posts this morning. So glad to have found your blog. This one, in particular, resonates with me. There is one person in my life who always encourages me when I’m feeling discouraged in my blogging endeavors, and I’m so grateful to him for always being my biggest (and sometimes only!) fan. I’m going to send him a note to thank him today. Happy Blogging! Joan https://kindness-compassion-and-coaching.com

    • Good! Never give it up! As you know, blogging is great fun. It’s fun to write but even more fun when we know what we write is being read! It’s all cyclical it seems. Sometimes I wonder if my posts are getting out there, then other times I get so many nice comments and compliments that I’m blown away. But blog to have fun, write about what you like, and the rest happens. It really does. Happy blogging to you too!

  3. instapoet1982

    If you only have inspiration enough and an inquisitive look everything becomes a story.

  4. Reading your blog has really made me more steadfast and encourage not to give up my passion for writing. Thank you 😊 very much for this beautiful blog.

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