Alexandria Living Magazine – “I Just Might Keep That”

Just a little announcement:

I’m excited to let you know I have another essay appearing in the current issue of Alexandria Living magazine!

It’s always a thrill to work with the kind folks at the magazine and as an Alexandria, Virginia resident it is especially fun to contribute.

Below is the link to my piece in the online version of Alexandria Living. If you like, please comment on the magazine website in the space they provide just below the essay.

We would love to hear your feedback!

Thanks again to all those who’ve asked what I’ve been up to lately. Blogging continues to be great fun and has proven to be an exciting pathway to opportunities like this. Exciting!

Stuart M. Perkins



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71 responses to “Alexandria Living Magazine – “I Just Might Keep That”

  1. Congratulations, Stuart! It is always a special honour to have one’s creative work published.

  2. shann273

    What a great story to have published. I am sitting here wondering now about all the trinkets i have thrown out over the years and the many moves along the way. All with their lost stories now.

  3. I LOVE your story-telling, Stuart. This one really spoke to me. I not only left a comment there, but I reposted it to my FB site

  4. Congrats! I have a glass bowl with a dozen or so marbles setting on the shelf. They were my great aunt’s who I occasionally visited as i child. Your article reminded me of the sentimental attachment I have to those marbles.

  5. Congratulations! Great little story. Warming my heart this morning as I picture some of the treasured trinkets in my own safe-keeping boxes. Thank you ❤

  6. You really are a consummate storyteller, Stuart, as I remarked to the magazine. At 79, I’m faced with more and more downsizing, and it’s reaching that point where the precious smaller things have to come under consideration. The stories behind most are so deeply embedded in my spirit that they are unlikely to disappear, and my mind is sharp enough to remember. But oh, the feel of them in my hands or the sight of them to my eyes make my decisions poignant. Thanks for the reminder that the visible is even more powerful than we reckon!

    • Thanks for that! And I don’t envy your downsizing… I’m 57 and have plenty of things I should probably get rid of and we kids recently helped my 85 year old mother go through her attic… I was on sensory overload! Haha! Thanks for such a great comment.

  7. I have a shoebox of mementos and carry a tiny pocket knife that belonged to my grandfather. It’s really only good for letters or string but it was his and I think of him whenever I look at it. Thanks again Stuart.

  8. Awesome. Congratulations Stuart

  9. As someone who tends to keep sentimental trinkets and with a grandmother like the one in your story, this article warmed and touched me! it was an honor to add my comments for the magazine!

  10. What a gift you gave (returned) to the woman on the metro! Sentiment is not a waste, not when it connects us all the more to our humanity and to each other.

    Congratulations on your publishing success!

  11. Stuart, loved this and I can so relate! One day when I’m gone my son will wonder why I kept so many silly things, but each has a memory to me! Millicent

  12. Those trinkets connect us to our past allowing us to visit our memories. Great comfort.

    • I enjoyed this tale and will put a link to it in Agnellus Mirror next month. Mt grandson is happy to play with my toy trains and cars from the 1950s and I love to see them used as intended!

      • Thanks for that! I agree, with all of the techno-fun kids are able to have these days it’s great to watch them light up when they get to play with some of the things we had. I loved it when my son fell in love with some of my old Matchbox cars… old clunky REAL metal ones! Thanks again.

    • Yes they do. Instant reminders. Love that. Thanks for the comment!

  13. It’s funny. There’s an exercise for minimizing. You start out keeping 25 of your most important things. Then 10. Then five, then one. This would be too hard. They’d have to keep the things and throw me out.

  14. Joyce

    Your little stories always take me back with pleasant memories. With sweet memories a few happy tears must fall. Affectionately, Kitty

  15. Congratulations! And glad that you’re having good opportunities like this.


    I love that story, I have a whole house full of trinkets!

  17. This is such a heart-warming story.

  18. I always love your stories. You tell them so well.

  19. Gigi

    Sweet story. Love it!

  20. What a lovely “Total Recall” moment as most of us moms would no doubt have. Far too often over the years my bottomless pit of a backpack produced a Hot Wheels car intended to occupy a son who has long since grown up. Thanks for conjuring that memory up in my addled brain. These COVID days have definitely made focus and concentration a thing of the past. Congrats on getting another lovely story published. Well done, Stuart!

  21. Wow, how exciting! Congratulations!

  22. Beautiful story and priceless memories!

  23. It is a beautiful story. 🤗❤️

  24. Congratulations! This is amazing. 🙂

  25. That was a great story and reminds me of my maternal grandmother, my mom and my aunt. They kept things too and I have several trinkets around the house that remind me of each of them. They have all passed on but those few items are great reminders of my childhood. Then I have a few things that my children made over the years for Mother’s Day. I kept some of my favorites and glad I did as they are all grown with kids of their own. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your publication. 😊

  26. Pingback: 24 May, Relics XXII: I just might keep that. | agnellusmirror

  27. Congratulations! And what a gem. Your essay was a joy to read and took me to the seat across the isle. I hope you don’t mind my intrusion, I couldn’t help coming along. I love trinkets and have so many! I recently moved into a much smaller home and have so many things in storage. How I miss coming across them. My purses have typically been like hers and I love it. I even had a pine cone in a purse for months! Lol Rocks, game pieces, wrappers with quotes, and all manner of doodads. Such a pleasure! Thank you again.

  28. Awesome! I commented on the articles’ post as well! Love it!

  29. I remember this story of yours, and love it. So glad the magazine loved it too!

  30. congrats! so happy for you! i love your story, it really did warm my heart. thank you for sharing, have a great day!☺️

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested☺️It would mean a lot to me!🥺🤍

  31. A wonderful story! Thanks for sharing this.

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