Southern Roots Magazine – Stew Day

Just a little announcement:

As a regular contributor to Southern Roots Magazine I’m excited to let you know about my latest piece.

Southern Roots Magazine focuses on “Southern history, heritage, and hospitality through photographs, articles, essays, stories, poetry, and event coverage.”

Please check out their website and leave a comment there, in the space they provide, if you enjoy my essay which was chosen for them as it captures a bit of what they are about.

Thanks to all those who’ve asked what I’ve been up to lately. Blogging continues to be great fun and has proven to be an exciting pathway to opportunities like this. Exciting!

Stuart M. Perkins



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28 responses to “Southern Roots Magazine – Stew Day

  1. shann273

    Why I love summers in the south on a farm. My Nanny had a huge garden and we ate so much produce our tummies would be swollen made worse by the summer heat! Great story, Stu!

  2. Great memory… my mom made Brunswick stew but substituted chicken for squirrel 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful memory family gathering and cooking with a lot of love.

  4. Love your posts and send oodles of poodles of congratulations on your magazine articles. Well done!

  5. atennismom

    Loved your story. I always enjoy reading what you share from the past. It brings back so many fond memories of my family. Thank you for reminding us of the simple pleasures.

  6. Done and done! Thank you for this lovely little wander down a memory path!

  7. amigosdeescuelasanbartolome

    This was a little confusing: I clicked on the link to take me to your article on Southern Roots magazine and found the article “Stew-Day” but it listed the author as Richelle Putnam? Your tag line was at the end of the piece, but just starting out I thought I had the wrong article. I copied the heading here. Is that the editor?

    Anyway – enjoyed your piece and your evocative writing, as always! Stew Day  Richelle Putnam  0 Comments family, garden, living green

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  8. Delightful story. All the senses are on high alert! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations on your successful publication!

  9. That made my mouth water!

  10. Great article. Congrats! 😊

  11. I loved this piece. At the end I said….Good old days😃

  12. Way to go Stuart. Congrats again! Happy Holiday!

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