Alexandria Living – Life is Like a Loaf of Bread

Just a little announcement:

I’m excited to let you know I have another essay appearing in the current issue of Alexandria Living magazine!

It’s always a thrill to work with the kind folks at the magazine and as an Alexandria, Virginia resident it was especially fun to contribute.

Below is the link to my piece in the online version of Alexandria Living.  Check it out, and if you like, please comment on the magazine website in the space just below the essay. We would love to hear your feedback!

Thanks to all those who’ve asked what I’ve been up to lately. Blogging continues to be great fun and has proven to be an exciting pathway to opportunities like this. Exciting!

Stuart M. Perkins


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58 responses to “Alexandria Living – Life is Like a Loaf of Bread

  1. I loved this so much I shared it to my Facebook 🙂

  2. The article made me feel warm and toasty. Well done!

  3. Garrie Madison Stoutimore

    What a delightful story! Congratulations- well done!

  4. What a charming story with such a poignant message! Congrats and thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. Reblogged this on Ramblings and Ruminations and commented:
    This is such a delightful story, yet, with a very poignant message, that I wanted to share it will all of my readers! Enjoy!

  6. Congratulations on your literary success, Stuart!

  7. Absolute beauty. Love the end line. “Don’t let life make you too crusty.” Happy for you Stuart!

  8. I LOVE this story… and left my comment there. Your writer’s gift is truly a blessing to us all. Thank you for sharing here on WordPress.

    With Love & Hugs, Jan Beekman


  9. Reblogged this on janbeek and commented:
    Stuart’s story is magnificently told. Do click on the link and go to the magazine to read it! It will rise up like yeast in you and cause you to want to share it, too!

  10. Congrats on spreading more good words. 🙂

  11. Quite an allegory. I bake a lot of bread. All true, just never connected dots. Thanks.

  12. Fantastic read! I love all the different plays on words. Congratulations as well on getting published again! 😁🌴

  13. Gcroft

    Great news! You do write so well and effortlessly.

  14. What a wonderful slice of life – or is it bread??
    Great story, Stuart.

  15. As requested, I tried to leave a comment on the Alexandria website, but it didn’t take. Hope you don’t mind that I’m leaving it here instead.

    We have a family tradition, every Friday night, a braided Challah loaf.
    Next Friday, I’ll be slicing the bread and thinking of this story…and wondering about my grandchildren 🙂

  16. A delight to read this,thanks! Have posted a comment on Alexandria too…

  17. TMH

    I bake bread. But this piece adds a whole new dimension to what is often in itself an act of love and care. Nice work. If anybody deserves a podcast, that pleasant, insightful lady does.

  18. I am so happy for you! Keep writing. You CAN!

  19. GREAT article! Old Town is one of my very favorite places to go, though I do not get there near often enough. Thanks for sharing this and good luck to you.


  20. You construct these so well.😊

  21. Kat

    Hey homeboy! I was out enjoying the sunshine in Old Town yesterday. I read the article today. It is very well written. I enjoyed it and posted a comment.

  22. Kate Sholonski

    Lovely story….thank you for so eloquently sharing it!

  23. Stuart! Another great story!!

  24. Warm and touching. I loved it!

  25. Dave, Just wrote the comment you requested and also posted your story on my FB page. Hope you don’t mind. I thought it thought-provoking and worth sharing.

  26. That is such a sweet *and true* story! Beautiful. 🙂

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