I’m watching from my window today.

For a few minutes more, at least. Saturday errands call, but right now the view into the garden has my willpower paralyzed. Soothed by the peaceful nothingness happening out there, I stare blissfully through the glass a little longer.

Oh well. I need to start those errands. Yawn, stretch, and one last glance outside before I begin. I stand up.

Wait… I sit back down.

There’s a bird. A little yellow bird. He flits and darts to the top of a frost-covered evergreen. Stops, hops, poses, and drops to another branch to repeat his mesmerizing moves. He struts and prances along several branches then flies away in a blur. Gone. How lucky I was to have shared that moment!

It doesn’t matter.

I have to get the car inspected. It’s too important not to. I stand up.

Wait… I sit back down.

Those leaves. Those five little leaves left clinging to a twig on the winter-bare crepe myrtle. They were yellow a second ago. Wow look! In one fluid move they drift from yellow to gold to fiery orange as a shifting morning sun illuminates them from behind. Amazing to have seen that magic display!

It doesn’t matter.

I have to get to the post office. It’s too important not to. I stand up.

These errands and many others! Now I have to hurry! So much to do today! Urgent rushing and running!


Just wait. Maybe I’ll get the car inspected tomorrow. And the bank is open next week. What’s one more day for a few insipid tasks?

How often does a yellow bird dance in the trees for me while the sun turns tiny leaves into fire? Moments like these happen every day, but I won’t see if I don’t watch.

I really should watch. It’s too important not to. I sit back down.

Saturday errands call but I know what they can do.


I’m watching from my window today.

Stuart M. Perkins





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227 responses to “Wait…

  1. You’ve described it so well that I could visualise every single detail of the garden and makes me want to do the same right now.

  2. I struggle with visualising anything. And this description was so vivid it painted the scene in front of my eyes in a jiffy. You’re a gifted writer.

    Hope to learn thepower of visualisation from reading your blog.

  3. What things we can see in our own back yard. Small happenings whose significance reaches more beyond their physical limits. The greater world oflittle things very nicely captured.

  4. Thank you for this great visual of life going by and its importance and thank you for stopping by and liking my blog! I am following you from now on!

  5. Lovely blog post about paying attention to everything in the “now.” Being mindful, but more than that, SEEING.
    Thanks, Stuart

  6. Stuart,

    I really loved this and could, of course, relate to it. We have several bird feeders in our backyard; I could stand at the kitchen window
    all day, watching the assemblage as they chow down my children’s inheritance, indulge in the occasional Darwinian crisis when the seed drops too low, then fly off to nestle in the nearby bushes. It’s hard to leave.

    I’m so glad you “liked” my poem (Thoughts
    Engendered by Pajamas With Feet), as it led me to your site.



  7. Ennle Madresan

    Loved this SO MUCH, soothed my spirit.

  8. my sweet louise

    Love this! Can’t say how many times this has happened to me as well : )
    Creation calls with constant beauty! Thanks for this sharing.

  9. The fine, rare art of living rather than merely existing!! Really enjoyed this…thanks.

  10. I call these “moments to remember” and they happen unexpectedly when time stills and stretches to accommodate wonder. Thanks for the beautiful start to my morning.

  11. Thank you for this gentle reminder to slow down. You’ve a lovely way with words.

  12. Lee

    I have been under the weather lately, and have had great pleasure watching the birds out my kitchen window. Nice post.

  13. This person sounds just like me. I can find a hundred reason to procrastinate when I want to. Wonderful story.

  14. You sound like me! Hidden treasure for the one who takes the time to observe. What is it about Birds? I think they reflect God’s creative joy.
    Ron Bouchard

  15. ilonapulianauskaite

    This is whats happening in todays world, we forgot to take out time instead of keep running❤️

  16. It’s the small things that we should bask and enjoy. The small pleasures. Mine are rainbows and clouds.

  17. Yes. It’s the small things.

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