I’m watching from my window today.

For a few minutes more, at least. Saturday errands call, but right now the view into the garden has my willpower paralyzed. Soothed by the peaceful nothingness happening out there, I stare blissfully through the glass a little longer.

Oh well. I need to start those errands. Yawn, stretch, and one last glance outside before I begin. I stand up.

Wait… I sit back down.

There’s a bird. A little yellow bird. He flits and darts to the top of a frost-covered evergreen. Stops, hops, poses, and drops to another branch to repeat his mesmerizing moves. He struts and prances along several branches then flies away in a blur. Gone. How lucky I was to have shared that moment!

It doesn’t matter.

I have to get the car inspected. It’s too important not to. I stand up.

Wait… I sit back down.

Those leaves. Those five little leaves left clinging to a twig on the winter-bare crepe myrtle. They were yellow a second ago. Wow look! In one fluid move they drift from yellow to gold to fiery orange as a shifting morning sun illuminates them from behind. Amazing to have seen that magic display!

It doesn’t matter.

I have to get to the post office. It’s too important not to. I stand up.

These errands and many others! Now I have to hurry! So much to do today! Urgent rushing and running!


Just wait. Maybe I’ll get the car inspected tomorrow. And the bank is open next week. What’s one more day for a few insipid tasks?

How often does a yellow bird dance in the trees for me while the sun turns tiny leaves into fire? Moments like these happen every day, but I won’t see if I don’t watch.

I really should watch. It’s too important not to. I sit back down.

Saturday errands call but I know what they can do.


I’m watching from my window today.

Stuart M. Perkins




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227 responses to “Wait…

  1. Ahhh yes! It all can wait, Stuart! Thanks for such a poignant reminder! 🙂

  2. Your words leave such a peace in my heart, thank you for sharing.

  3. This is a beautiful reminder to put the world on hold a little while and truly be mindful and present, to appreciate the things we’re often to busy to appreciate.x

  4. Wonderful reminder of what we can experience if we only do nothing.

  5. Thank you for the reminder to pause, observe and reflect.

  6. I love this! This is SO me! I mean, I’m just like this…I mean, I procrastinate as if my life depends on it! I was first dazzled by your eloquent descriptive prose and then giggling giddily by the end! Well done!

  7. I can relate to your day completely. Lovely!

  8. Karen

    Wait indeed. Glorious. Do more of that.

  9. Kat

    Wonderful. Thank you. I looked out the window today.

  10. Good priorities. I stood just watching snow fall for a good 10 minutes this afternoon. It never gets old. 🙂

  11. Wait! Everyone needs to read this. This is beautiful 🌸

  12. Francisco Laguna

    Stuart, it’s been a bit since you posted. This story reminds me of why I love your stories!

  13. Enjoying the beautiful things in life much important than errands. Superb writing Stuart and thank you for following ThusNSuch.

  14. I feel like that a lot…

  15. My family was late to church one morning because I paused, as usual, at the back door window before going off to worship. There were two turkeys and a cat in the yard. The cat was stalking the turkeys. I called my family over, and we crowded around to watch the spectacle. The turkeys eventually noticed the cat, gave each other this quick gaze of fellow understanding, and within minutes they had the cat trapped in a prickly bush. When they decided they’d taught that cat enough, they strutted away. We went to church, late, but somehow enlightened further by God’s creations. Your post reminded me again that we need to be able to pause in our plans to see more of God’s.

  16. Ann Mackay

    Beautifully written and true of me too. But the time isn’t wasted – we’re catching those special little moments of life and storing them away in our memories. Our lives would be much poorer if we missed them.

  17. So beautiful…a great reminder that sometimes we just need to slow down and…wait.

  18. Good Morning, what a pleasant surprise to have you visit my blog and tag along! I’m new to Word Press and so my site is a little “dusty” as I muddle througn the new bells and whistles here. And aaah yes, the intrepid errands. It was nice to come home and sit at my computer to see your visit and visit your blog and come along! Have an awesome day and be blessed!

  19. Great reasoning Stuart: Loved your wise decisions. Good on you! Muriel

  20. It’s amazing just how much beauty is really around us but missed by us most of the time because we’re too busy doing other things. It’s nice to sit back and just observe once in a while.

  21. Very nice ! Happy you stopped and enjoyed . I know somethings can’t wait but sometimes they can and it’s a nice change to enjoy these beautiful moments.

  22. I do this more times than I care to remember.

  23. DiFromVA

    What great observations of how to really observe things in the moment and appreciate the beauty of nature. The best way to spend a Saturday.

  24. Wish I could condition myself to do this! 🙂

  25. Stuart, you are incredibly talented. I can’t wait to read more. Wonderful blog. ❤

  26. Stuart, So true.
    Why do today what can be put off until tomorrow. Sounds strange until the rarest and unexpected of opportunities comes along.

  27. You were able to envelope the magic of vision, Thank you!

  28. Hi Stuart! I remember you from my 2chicks2go – lessonsinperspective blogs! Nice to see you again! Thank you for the follow.:)

  29. shann273

    It’s great to see you back after a hiatus! I’m like you with putting off errands except my weakness is binge watching shows…just one more episode and I’ll go grocery shop. I need to look at more leaves and birds!

  30. These little things we take for granted all because we never have time to watch them.

  31. Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog and liking my post. Your encouragement is a big boost for amateurs like me. Hope to create better posts and receive more feedback in the future.

    This is a beautiful post. It’s a reminder that we, all, need to stop and smell the roses from time to time.

    Best wishes.

  32. This inspired me truly. Reminded that it’s important to lay back at times. Amazingly written❤️

  33. Here it is a week later and my Saturday to do’s. The little woman has left for the grocery with the parting words of, ” don’t forget to check the water in the coop when you let the chickens out”. Dang, that’s two things to do. Off to count eggs. Enjoy your Saturday Stuart.

  34. Nice attention to detail in conjunction with the understated quasi-hai my rhythm.

  35. I love this! You are a man after my own heart! Thank you.

  36. Very nice piece. Yes, it can all wait.

  37. I had to smile as I read your description, in complete understanding. I often feel the same struggle, the tug-of-war between enjoying the moment and the nagging voice, in the back of the mind, the call of conscience. Beautiful and very real!

  38. This is very lovely! I’m glad I stopped by during my busy day to visit…for a few minutes everything on my ‘to do” list can…wait…;)

    Donna L Martin
    Story Catcher Publishing

  39. Stuart, this is beautiful, and the essence of mindfulness. You do have the right priorities. May I reproduce it at my blog, with a link back of course?

  40. Yes, we really should watch as there is so much to see! 🙂

  41. Reblogged this on The Spinsta Life and commented:
    I love this!

  42. This is absolutely brilliant!

  43. Wow. I completely love your gift for words!

  44. Brilliant! Love it. 🤗💕

  45. Anand Bose

    Interesting narrative written in streams of consciousness. Anand Bose from Kerala

  46. Stuart,
    I spend my remaining years exposing our mercurial mind.
    It is not interested in mindfulness moments when we experience pure reality.
    Always the next moment in time is the better for it.

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