I’m watching from my window today.

For a few minutes more, at least. Saturday errands call, but right now the view into the garden has my willpower paralyzed. Soothed by the peaceful nothingness happening out there, I stare blissfully through the glass a little longer.

Oh well. I need to start those errands. Yawn, stretch, and one last glance outside before I begin. I stand up.

Wait… I sit back down.

There’s a bird. A little yellow bird. He flits and darts to the top of a frost-covered evergreen. Stops, hops, poses, and drops to another branch to repeat his mesmerizing moves. He struts and prances along several branches then flies away in a blur. Gone. How lucky I was to have shared that moment!

It doesn’t matter.

I have to get the car inspected. It’s too important not to. I stand up.

Wait… I sit back down.

Those leaves. Those five little leaves left clinging to a twig on the winter-bare crepe myrtle. They were yellow a second ago. Wow look! In one fluid move they drift from yellow to gold to fiery orange as a shifting morning sun illuminates them from behind. Amazing to have seen that magic display!

It doesn’t matter.

I have to get to the post office. It’s too important not to. I stand up.

These errands and many others! Now I have to hurry! So much to do today! Urgent rushing and running!


Just wait. Maybe I’ll get the car inspected tomorrow. And the bank is open next week. What’s one more day for a few insipid tasks?

How often does a yellow bird dance in the trees for me while the sun turns tiny leaves into fire? Moments like these happen every day, but I won’t see if I don’t watch.

I really should watch. It’s too important not to. I sit back down.

Saturday errands call but I know what they can do.


I’m watching from my window today.

Stuart M. Perkins





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227 responses to “Wait…

  1. Reblogged this on Ann Writes Inspiration and commented:
    Your descriptions are so vivid, I can visualize what you see in my mind’s eye. The only thing I would add as a backdrop to your window watching session is the sound of windchimes on your front porch. That will give you the perfect excuse to wait!

  2. watching and waiting should be an Olympic sport, then we may take it more seriously…

  3. Marthe Curry

    Wonderful, as always.

  4. There will always be errands…sitting and watching sounds like a much better use of your time. Thanks.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful. Reblogging to my sister site Timeless Wisdoms

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  7. Oh how I needed this today. Thank you for the reminder of what is important.

  8. Delightful, as always & very inspiring. I had a “visual” while reading. Today is Saturday & I need to get sheets changed, clothes out of the dryer & invitations to an anniversary party addressed. But … wait. I can do all that next week. Today I read your blog entry & had a stunning visual of a tiny bird dancing in a tree & the changing colors in the sun of a few retained leaves on a winter branch. Thank you again …

  9. Ruth

    Beautiful as always you are a talented writer makes us all stop and think we should be paying more attention to God‘s wonderful creations!

  10. Perfectly written description of my yesterday. So glad I waited. Thank you. Shared on https://roosruse.wordpress.com.

  11. I seem to be doing more and more that now as I get older., How many moments have I missed because of laundry, or grocery shopping or, or, or…I wait and watch the birds at my feeders my husband so lovingly hung for me to see through my kitchen window. My movie can wait as I watch my fur-babies play..,.I’ve learned how to wait,,, so glad you have too 🙂

  12. Brilliant, Stuart. How amazing that we rush around all those years and now have time to choose stillness. Just lovely.

  13. Simply beautiful. The struggle is real! xx Sharing ❤

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  15. Just what I needed this Saturday morning.

  16. Love this! Your stories would be great all gathered up in a book!

    When I’m out walking I allow myself to stop from time to time to see something amazing, look more closely at details, stand and stare up at the clouds. Years ago I used to go swim a mile, then come back and lay under the tree for a long time, just watching the sky.

    Thanks for the reminder to just be!

  17. Errands can wait, they will still be there tomorrow…

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  19. Laurie Jarratt

    I love this! ❤

  20. YES! Taking the time to enjoy the gifts given to us is what’s really important. Thanks for the reminder and for sharing your beautiful writing- Ashleigh

  21. Sharon Eshler

    Another nice one

    Sent from my iPhone


  22. There are things more important than a walk to the bank or have your vehicle inspected. Great post, Stuart!

  23. Ginny Brown

    You’re so right, Stuart. It’s too important not to. That view can be taken from you in an instant, before you even know it’s gone forever….Treasure it.
    Thanks for the reminder.

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  25. When you don’t do your chores because you’re focusing on the beauties of the natural world, it’s much better than not doing your chores because you’re watching too much TV or on the computer. Good for you.

  26. Great choice you made😀👍

  27. I’ve been waiting a long time. Thank you for this wonderful post. You’ve inspired me to pick up the binoculars and watch the birds frolicking in the river. Chores will get done – a little later.
    Looking forward to more, soon.

  28. This is wonderful. Have you been away, or did we get disconnected? In any case, it’s good to be here again.

  29. tuckerperkins@aol.com

    So awesome

    Tucker Perkins President & Chief Executive Officer direct 804.338.0202 | main 202.452.8975


  30. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

  31. Beautiful and inspirational, as always. The perfect post as I experience Snowmeggadon here in Seattle. I was able to watch the small but incredibly fierce hummingbirds vie for ownership of the feeders, admire the snow outlining the pine needles, witness my determined indoor/outdoor cat plow through the white stuff and so much more…all because I slowed down. Thank you, so much, for your stories. Each one is a gift to be treasured. And I second Katelon, who suggested that your stories be gathered up in a book (-:

  32. Love this. What a wonderful justification for doing nothing. Definitely more important than running errands… Now, just let me grab a coffee and find a window 🙂

  33. That awakens me to something that I am already aware of. That opens my eyes already open wide. I too have errands to do but your post held me down till the very end.

  34. A lovely write indeed! Thanks for sharing it. Even in photography, it’s always best to grab good shots whenever you come across them, because you may never find them again…

  35. Sometimes the small moments matter most. ❤️ Thanks for sharing.

  36. This was wonderful. I often look out my window to watch the little birds, rabbits, or turkeys. One morning in January I was looking at the coolest pink sunrise. I had to go outside on the deck to take its photograph. I was also glad to see you back in my reader page. 😀

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  38. Shared on Buried Under Books — https://cncbooksblog.wordpress.com/2019/02/10/sunday-sharing-7/ —a lovely reminder to step back and enjoy the day 😉

  39. Everything already said above and more. Simply beautiful and striking! Le grà, Marie

  40. Reblogged this on Create Space and commented:
    Maybe take a minute to read Stuart’s thoughts and then… rethink your day! I hope you make it an amazing day, just like everyday deserves to be!

  41. Reblogged on http://www.ree-creates.com and said “Maybe take a minute to read Stuart’s thoughts and then… rethink your day! I hope you make it an amazing day, just like everyday deserves to be!”

  42. Beautiful, if only we’d do more of it 😎

  43. This I’ll never forget ❤️

  44. Nature can mesmerize. Glad you are able to summon a state of awe. One of life’s treasures.

  45. Glad you’re writing your blog again, Stuart. I’ve missed your point of view on the life! Love this post!

  46. I loved this. It is just what I do! I just came feom watching a hummingbird sip from a plum tree blossom! Thank you!

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