A Perfect Fit…?

Some time ago I had what began as a serious conversation with my teenage son. He’d recently parted ways with his girlfriend after a fairly considerable amount of time and I could tell he was looking for advice.

Parents never want to see their kids upset but good advice doesn’t always come to mind at just the right moment. Or does it? I wrote a piece about the conversation. Needless to say, the serious conversation took a turn…

A website called Positive Outlooks has posted my piece!

Their site is full of so many uplifting, great stories. Check out mine and others there if you can!


Stuart M. Perkins


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103 responses to “A Perfect Fit…?

  1. That was cute, Stu. Proved that people just want to be heard and parents do not need to “know it all” sometimes we just have to show them we are doing a little of our own searching as well.

  2. Such a GREAT story … and I loved his response. Damn good relationship advice, too, if you ask me.

  3. This is a brilliant story, love it haha

  4. Stuart, I loved reading the original post on your blog and re-reading it today! Great!


    OMG fantastic!  Loved it.  So funny and something I may actually use one day. How is your son?  Still at the same job where he can’t tell you what he’s welding?

  6. Okay, that made me both cry and laugh! Well done!

  7. Karen

    Famous indeed. I knew you when

  8. How in the world you came up with underwear in a situation like that is a mystery but you sure nailed it. I loved it and obviously your son did, too.

  9. Great Stuart. Humor the great healer.
    It is true that no one should take anything too seriously. Least of all ourselves or our best pair of underwear.

  10. Wonderful story Stuart: So much better than my advice to my broken hearted son of 19. All I said was: ‘Release her with love.’. Oh, well….

  11. Awesome! I sent one of my stories to them. Nothing ventured, nothing gained…

  12. Great job! We think our kids want these big lofty detailed explanations but really they just want whatever comes straight from our hearts or crazy brain! 🙂 I can just imagine him sharing that story with his buddies.:)

  13. Congrats! Am heading on over there to check it out . . .

  14. Susan - themoonlithowl

    Your son was right. That was awesome!

  15. I’ve read that before somewhere… right?

  16. Kate

    Wonderful. What a great, off the cuff, design as you go piece of advice!

  17. I read Perfect Fit on positive outlooks.. it was great!

  18. Hahaha! Great post as always, Stuart!

  19. This was fun 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Btw – I’m from Alexandria, VA – I grew up there 🙂

  20. I UNDERSTAND YOU…you are my kind of people. Hahah. And…with boys, you honestly can’t go wrong with underwear or poop – the more disgusting the better. 🙂 Hilarious. Thank you. And…how is the boy doing now? Has there been some time and has he moved on?


  21. Wonderfully wacky and inspired. I laughed when I read your sons final words to you.

  22. oh gosh, I loved that! I definitely, actually laughed out loud! I definitely see myself using this analogy because it WAS AWESOME!! great piece,

  23. Brilliant and congrats on getting republished!

  24. Reblogged the original to Success Inspirers World

  25. That’s great Stuart. Sound advice. I once had a similar conversation woth each of my four boys at one time or another, likening a comfortable relationship to a good bra or favorite sneakers. So hard to let them go but ripped and fading just won’t last. It’s all relative though….and so true. Congrats on the publication.

  26. JazzCookie

    Surprised to see an NRA ad in the middle of the link you posted. Say wha?

  27. Loved your story and posting what I shared on the other site: “Couldn’t have said it better! I have a 20 year old son who knows everything already though, so can’t see him asking his old mom for advice. Maybe his dad will come up with something as novel and meaningful as you did aka congrats on a job well done (and I say that with a big smile and with love) – LOL 🙂

  28. Just like it has to be father-son conversation…..open,fun and good advice . I enjoyed reading.

  29. …yup, glad I stuck through to the end. Well said.

  30. Tarnya

    Thank you for sharing- Thank you for following 🙂

  31. I would like to add that if your offspring had been a girl, you might have thought of comparing a relationship to a new bra, which has the added jobs of support and enhancement. Being a man, you might not think of these things, or want to mention them to a daughter–but if you could, and she accepted your viewpoint. you would be a really exceptional dad! (I’m sure you’re an exceptional dad, anyway!)

  32. Your son’s comments wrapped your story nicely! Nice try!

  33. A good listener often makes a good advisor, and a good parent listens for the all too often muted alarm calls of his child. Your post made good reading. Thank you for sharing.

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  35. I LOVED this!!! I laughed, quite a bit, and the point was GREAT, especially for not knowing what to say at all. And, how exciting that a website chose to publish it too! Congrats!

  36. “Keep trying, the perfect fit is out there”

  37. Greatest advice ever! Thank you for sharing the underwear story! Everything you said was truth and it was funny and you made him laugh when he was down. What a gift you gave him! He will never forget that moment and will more than likely pass it along to others.

  38. Thanks for following my blog…you introduced me to a great story! I’ve got to try that out sometime. I do hope my writing is an encouragement to you…I’m not a very witty person but on occasion but I do like to laugh. thanks.

  39. The advice you gave was so hilarious! But I think I would probably show your post to my kids if they needed the advice someday.

  40. Ha! From one nervous lip-sweater to another…bravo! I love a good metaphor for life found in the innocuous…like underwear.

  41. That was hilarious and perfect! You noticed, listened and gave advice that he could understand. He listened to you. Great job dad !

  42. Thanks following my post! That’s amazing given how many followers you have. Are you a bicyclist?

  43. Yes a great post, thinking on your feet was impressive… The analogy works, actually. Guess I’ve been going commando forms while now.

  44. Seems my thanks for following my blog comment went away, but thanks for following my blog!

  45. Thanks for stopping by Aging With Me.com. Loved your advice to your son. Very creative way to get your message across!!

  46. Loved it 🙂 A true parenting moment… Raw, hilarious…. touching…

  47. Proof here that all of us, as parents, learn how to be parents as we go. This was heartwarming, and hilarious.

  48. Such amazing advice. I may learn from your advice for the future.

  49. That story was pretty darn funny. With three sons, I can relate to giving relationship advice like that. With one in the Army now and married, he and I can speak marriage advice in related jargon.

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