A Perfect Fit…?

Some time ago I had what began as a serious conversation with my teenage son. He’d recently parted ways with his girlfriend after a fairly considerable amount of time and I could tell he was looking for advice.

Parents never want to see their kids upset but good advice doesn’t always come to mind at just the right moment. Or does it? I wrote a piece about the conversation. Needless to say, the serious conversation took a turn…

A website called Positive Outlooks has posted my piece!

Their site is full of so many uplifting, great stories. Check out mine and others there if you can!


Stuart M. Perkins


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103 responses to “A Perfect Fit…?

  1. lol….was wanting to read on and get the full story of this relationship advice myself. I remember breaking up when I was 19, and it did seem like the end of the world for me. That was 40 years ago now, and looking back we do move on and find the perfect underwear with the right fit. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I love the relationship link you made up.

    Though don’t agree to change it so much. Might be because my mindset is different due to cultural and religious background.

    But I love what you wrote, you need that quick response sometimes as a parent.

    Thanks for following me, would love to stop by at your end. Love the first post at your end.

  3. Fantastic explanation to your son!

  4. Reblogged this on Lake Waco Triple Murder and commented:
    Crazy about your stories. Lovin’ it from Wacko.

  5. I love this, its brilliant! 😀Following

  6. That was a great metaphor. Never would’ve thought of it. You definitely made it work!

  7. You nailed it! I have 2 teenage sons and a lot of their friends in my life.. they don’t always want deep and meaningful- sometimes they just need someone to listen, and give them advice lightly and with humour..

  8. Love the story! Gave me some hearty laughter tonight. What a Dad you are. 🙂

  9. Great story! I’ll definitely be following.

  10. Being the parent of teenagers is a role full of fraut situations yet, hopefully, more positive situations also. 💫
    Great site

  11. That link doesn’t work for me

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