Just Wait

They await me. Even though I’m on vacation, they’re begging me to come back.

And I will.

Back to the harried rush of meetings. Deadlines. Anxiety. Lengthy agendas listing tedious tasks. Obnoxious lights blinking on a phone full of messages. All imperative, all immediate, all demanding. Pushing to answer email, now scrambling to copy. Faxing this, scanning that. Phone ringing again. Dread. The desk is too small. The piles are too big. Paperwork. Staying late, working late, fighting the commute.

Frenzy of the morning crush. Back to the frantic mess. Filing, shredding, phone blaring again. Tension. Late for a conference call. Rules have changed, reworking it all. They need it now. No, never mind. Wasted effort. Stress. This is urgent, get it done. Due date yesterday. Panic. Waiting for the next emergencies. And I know they’re out there even when I can’t see them.

Stop, brain!

I’m on vacation, remember.


Seagulls soared on a balmy breeze and laughed at gentle waves below. Easy rays of morning sun warmed my face as I smiled at the silly birds. Surrounded by the sweet briny smell of ocean air I watched dolphins leap in placid swells as water sparkled and rolled from their backs. I eased my head against the comfortable canvas chair. A slow parade of cheerful white clouds sailed silently overhead.

Pelicans flew in a graceful line, gliding just above the salty surface. Their synchronized wings were mesmerizing. Shorebirds made soft sounds dancing down the beach just ahead of the tide. Tiny crabs shuffled daintily across powdery soft sand and occasionally a fish jumped just offshore. Further in the distance a splash, then the massive fluke of a whale. All of these things were magical. And I know they’re out there even when I can’t see them.

They’ll await me. Even when I’m at work, they’ll be begging me to come back.

And I will.


Stuart M. Perkins



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99 responses to “Just Wait

  1. Ks the nature admirer

    Wow…. This is so beautiful…Magical .. enjoyed it…

  2. Absolutely loved reading this one! 🙂

  3. As the famed golfer, Walter Hagan once said: “You have to take the time to smell the flowers along the way.”

  4. Really Well written 🙂 Kudos 🙂

  5. What an article man…. Loveeee it so much.
    U got one more follower.

  6. Hello 🙂 You just started following us so I thought I’d stop by to have a look what your site’s about……..started reading this and after the first paragraph my blood pressure was already up where it used to be “in our old live” 😉 Thanks for sharing and reminding me of what we really don’t miss !!

  7. R. Jane Bowen

    I am a hermit with extrovert tendencies and that whole scenario scares me.

  8. My husband used to like to go to Las Vegas where he would play blackjack just for the simple fact that paying attention to the game took his mind off work.

  9. beautifully written article. I want to go there!

  10. kenza

    You made me smile. Thank you!
    (and thank you for visiting my blog)

  11. I love this one. It’s all a balancing act isn’t it!

  12. Beth

    Your blog is well named! You can peel off those shucks so deftly, revealing the true, bare grain inside.

  13. This is so conscientious and beautifully written, I fell under its spell immediately.

  14. Great write! I had a friend from years ago who went on vacation and would give his phone number of the place where he was staying. I asked him why because you know that he just may call. His answer was that he never stayed at the places that he gave a telephone number for.

  15. Lovely contrast Stuart: Frankly, I’m so glad I retired before the real madness began for those who work. Cheers, Muriel

  16. Thank’s for following Ghardaia.
    I just pass by Storyshucker, and loveit,thanks

  17. Well written … I felt the pull back to the corporate world … but do not loose the fact that you can always keep your feet in the sand and eyes on the beautiful skies along side seagulls … sitting near by waiting for you to toss them a snack or wish of good day ❤

  18. juniperjadensmith

    Thank you for following Minasmul! This is what prompted my visit. And I found “Just Wait”
    Absolutely marvellous! I could see the office, the rush, the endless march. Then with a deep breath, the sound of the waters lapping at the sandy shores.
    Thank you for sharing!

  19. I remember such days as these, Mr. Perkins and I wonder sometimes which I miss most, the hurried times or the vacations which too often turned into nothing more than relaxed work sessions.

  20. I loved the pace you set in this

  21. Love your way with words – they took me right along with you! Thank you for stopping by my page and liking it. 🙂

  22. This wonderful poem expresses the experiences of so many whose life and ‘being’ is being pressure cooked by overwhelming, busy ‘doing’ of things to earn currencies for often insatiable ‘needs’ that do nothing for our well being individually or collectively. Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate one’s life and real values. 💖

  23. I am looking forward myself for my upcoming vacations. The same sense of freedom and run away from normal hectic artificial life.

  24. Dear friend…I need to teach you how to meditate! Lol! Yes, work and stress are there, right? But thankfully you’ve noticed the beauty of nature is there as well 🙂 I know EXACTLY how you feel!

  25. This is brilliant, you have a wonderful and original way with words 😊

  26. Have you ever read Carl Jung’s discussion of seeing the animals at dawn on the African plain. It’s in his autobiography but you can find it on line, too. I think you would find it enlightening. Pun intended.

  27. Never thought of crab movement as
    dainty before. Truly, le mot juste.

  28. Your stories and write ups are always insightful Staurt. Keep writing your heart out.

    Please do visit and follow me on http://www.whitneyibeblog.com. it would be a delight to have you there. Thanks.

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