Grand Canyon Inspiration

I’m often asked whether my posts are fact or fiction. All true. The goal of my blog is to highlight meaningful or humorous stories behind everyday scenarios. I don’t always aim for the obvious but I do try to hit on themes we all relate to in some way. Sometimes I’m asked for photos to go along with my posts. Since I often find “inspiration” in little more than an overheard conversation during my work commute, I don’t always have a photo to go along with what I write. But sometimes I do!

My post “Cheesy Sunset” came after a visit to the Grand Canyon.

We stayed at El Tovar, a hotel literally perched on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. It opened in 1905, is on the National Register of Historic Places, has been declared a National Historic Landmark, and served as a perfect spot from which to explore the area.


Here are a few photos taken during the actual cheesy sunset, along with the ravens that “rode the winds”…GCsunset1




And I have to include a few of the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. The most exciting, exhilarating, and terrifying thirty minutes of my life. I loved it. I will never do it again…





You don’t have to see it from the air to be thrilled. Everyday hikes in the Grand Canyon are beyond beautiful.





I have so many photos from that trip, all of them spectacular in my opinion. How could they not be? You can’t take a bad photograph there.

If you haven’t been to the Grand Canyon, you should go when you can. If you’ve already been, go again and take some cheese puffs.

Stuart M. Perkins




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99 responses to “Grand Canyon Inspiration

  1. If there were a national cause I would consider supporting financially, it would be our national parks. Grand Canyon isn’t even in my top 5, but each park is an amazing treasure. Thanks for sharing all this.

  2. Oh my gosh…all spectacular!!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful trip with us which is not at all cheesy!!👏👏

  3. I’ve never actually physically been there, but I’ve ben to the Grand Canyon in the pages of a book by Sam Campbell, although I don’t remember the name of it. Ann Harrison Barnes Christian Fiction author /professional content writer personal email: Business email:

  4. Cheese puffs are wonderful – but then the ground squirrels thinks so too and they will follow you around. Some beg and others are a bit more insistent. 🙂

  5. I’ve never had the opportunity to explore the Grand Canyon, but I have flown over it and it is breathtaking. It deserves reverence.

  6. You need to also visit north rim. Lodge perches right on the canyon. Guests stay in rustic, drafty cabins. And you should take a mule ride down into the canyon. Something I did, very exhilarating, and will likely not do again, either.

  7. Have been there and you are right – spectacular! Great photos too.

  8. Love it! And I love cheese puffs too 😂

  9. No matter how many times I go to the Canyon, each time is unique and special! I especially love winter where one side blanketed in snow and the red rocks on the other shine in the sun!

  10. Gorgeous! I stayed there too, a few years back. We took the mules down instead of the helicopter. Like you, it was amazing but I won’t do it again.

  11. Enjoyed your photos which brought back my trip as they must have for anyone who has ever been there. They also brought back my fear of heights. Unfortunately, I held on to the railings and never ventured to go down. Nice to see the canyon from a distance!!

  12. There is nothing like the Grand Canyon! Thanks for your photos which brought back lovely memories.

  13. As a young man in the Navy I was stationed in southern California. I had chances to go to the Canyon many times very inexpensively. However being young I was not yet interested in the world and how diverse our country was. I regret not going. Hugs

  14. Stuart, thanks for posting the awe-inspiring photos. What a great trip! Reminds me of a trip I took to Colorado Springs and the Garden of the Gods.

  15. Thank you for sharing your fabulous photos of a glorious canyon.

  16. You are right…all the images were fabulous (and I didn’t even see the non-published one, but am convinced based on these they are equally as fantastic). Well done and I appreciate the reminder to go, see it again. Thanks!

  17. Your photos are fantastic. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, but I’ve seen it many times on television, especially during a couple of episodes of “The Brady Bunch” from season 3.

  18. I’ve been several times but no helicopter ride or mules to the bottom. Beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Hello Stuart.

    Just wanted to drop a note to say that I have nominated you for a Blogger Achievement Award. Your post continue to mean the world to me.

    For details, visit my blog …

    Thanks for being one of my inspirations.
    Warm regards,
    Jeff Cox

  20. yubellisryahoocom

    love these pictures

  21. Beautiful photos. It is indeed a magical place.

  22. I love what you said about the helicopter ride. My husband convinced me to go on a doors off helicopter ride in Hawaii. It was spectacular, terrifying, and the best time I hope to never have again! Keep writing your wonderful stories. I love reading them.

  23. Wow Stuart: Do you take me back! At 19 I visited the Grand Canyon and rode down to the bottom on a mule. I had no idea what I was into. It IS a spectacular place and certainly magical. Thanks for this. Muriel Kauffmann

  24. I haven’t been, but I hope to visit at some point. Thanks for sharing your photos and experience. Thanks for including the ravens 🙂

  25. I did the helicopter tour–came down green. Loved your cheesy sunset.

  26. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon, a long time ago. We were geology students and we slept in sleeping bags on the ground. We were studying the geologic beauty of course, but it was also the night of Haley’s Comet. We waited in our sleeping bags, but clouds crowded over and a heavy rain began. Nearly everyone retreated to the school vans. I sat in my bag, pondering the idea of crowding in with twenty some wet students and their sleepy rainy chaos. I decided to stay out. I spotted a picnic table, the only furniture- or shelter- for miles around. There was a lump already under there. I walked over and in a gruff sleepy voice asked “Got more room?” The man under there mumbled “Yeah.” So I crawled in and arranged my makeshift quarters so that no water dripped directly on my face. Slept fairly well. In the morning our professor came around pretty early and flashed a light under the table, waking us up. He asked who was under there and when I said my name, the student next to me was stunned. He gasped, “You’re…a GIRL??!”
    Your photos were stunning to see, and brought back some fun memories. I always enjoy your stories, their heart, their warmth. Thank you for sharing. I am very glad you have had the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon. It was a place that changed my perspective on life.

  27. Grand like nowhere else. Loved you photos. We took the single engine plane over the Canyon first before the tour around it. I love your sunset photos. Awe-inspiring place like no other! ^__^

  28. Those pics look amazing! That sunset one is just great! Anything you take in the Grand Canyon is gonna look awesome. We hung out and hiked awhile in the Canyon and then went white water rafting in the river it was a great adventure, but I imagine the helicopter ride was amazing! Glad you were able to see it in such a spectacular way.

  29. Great photos. My first sight of the Grand Canyon struck awe into my soul. I went another time to the western end where the Colorado river is shallow and the rafts come out. My group had a picnic on the sandy shore.

  30. Love the pictures. I feel like I’ve been there. I have a sister in Arizona so I thought I would get to see the Grand Canyon. She’s been there 10 years and I haven’t seen it yet until your pictures. They are a lot better than what I usually see.

  31. Thanks for this, Stuart. My daughter lives in Phoenix. She and her boyfriend paid for me to go there to visit in May so I could see her graduate from college and meet the 15-year-old grandson I hadn’t seen since he was 22 months old. I was thrilled. We walked the South Rim and loved it. What about those gnarly trees, eh? In all the brown and green and bright blue sky, I also found tiny yellow and purple flowers. I was agape the whole time and will never forget it. No photo of God’s sunsets is ‘cheesy.’ At least you didn’t take a photo of your feet. *smirks*
    God bless you

  32. Awesome Stuart! I have been to the Grand Canyon, albeit many years ago, on our way to Las Vegas to visit my Grandpa, That was before Vegas turned to adult Disney World. I have had those exhilarating ‘never again’ experiences too. But, I have yet to ride in a helicopter. I think me, and my camera, can find enough to keep us entertained while firmly planted on The ground. You know, that big boulder looks somewhat like a skeleton head….

  33. One of my dreams is to see the Grand Canyon some day. Thanks for the beautiful photographs..which I’m sure don’t do the real thing justice!

  34. That’s preetty good picture you take. I would say that I love is so much…

  35. You don’t seem to be writing as often this year but I still have plenty of your old posts to work through. I find your writing very soothing and it slows me down to enjoy each post.


  36. love the photographs of Arizona . Canyon is excellent.

    do read my blogs as well

  37. We did a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon a few years ago and it was spectacular, highly recommend! The hotel you stayed in looks fab. Great photos, thanks for posting 🙂

  38. The helicopter ride would have been beautiful!

  39. Thank you for following me on my blog. It is greatly appreciated!! Love your Grand Canyon Trip. Thank you for sharing!

  40. I’ve yet to go, but it’s definitely on my short list. Gorgeous photos!

  41. Beautiful as you say! I go about once a month and I can tell you it never looks the same. Seasons, weather, attitudes of friends visiting all change the perspective. That said…I have never taken the helicopter ride. Thank you for sharing that😉. Happy to live through you on that one.

  42. Very Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  43. Thank you for sharing the photos. It is a place on my longgggg list of wish trips. So beautiful.

  44. Enjoyed the photos, Stuart. We’ve spent many a day at the south rim and also at the El Tovar! Thank you for sharing.

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