Today I logged into Facebook. Or is it Fightback?

Gosh. I was only there to see cat pics.

The routine arguments were still in play: I don’t eat meat so why do you, I send my kid to school so why does yours learn at home, I can have a gun and you can’t make me get rid of it, and everything bad is Obama’s fault, no it isn’t, yes it is, no it isn’t, yes it is.

In that scenario, confrontations between “friends” seem to have escalated this week due to current events. Motivated by the latest issues, good people who usually post pizza recipes or the price of a new muffler were battling other good people over opposing views on flags and court rulings in addition to the usual topics. Some attacked the issue and others attacked the person. No one safe. Every view declared wrong. Perspective.

Seriously. I was only there to see cat pics.

In that scenario, opinions flew. Those same good people on both sides labeled, condemned, and expressed disgust with anyone who opposed them. Venom spewing, name calling, and downright hateful comments were made over and over to anyone who disagreed with stated views. Some hated so they preached, some felt preached to so they hated. No one correct. Every view ridiculous. Perspective.

How about a different scenario? These days, when nastiness and evil seem to hit closer to home than ever, it’s not but so far-fetched to imagine that any one of us might suddenly find ourselves in a very unexpected and dangerous situation. What if one found the only source of help in such a case to be a member of the perceived opposition?

In that scenario, I think any of those arguing today would be happy to see help arrive on time and would still be ok whether he were eating turkey or tofu, toting a Bible or a gun, flying rebels or rainbows, or had his husband with him. Perspective.

I guess I could have stated my opinion while I was logged in today, but it didn’t occur to me at the time.

Truly. I was only there to see cat pics. Perspective.

Stuart M. Perkins


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323 responses to “Perspective

  1. Agree with you. Swore off FB for a month just so I could have some peace. Now just go, ‘Like’ an Affirmation or ‘Share’ one, then log off and come back to the Real World to live life! 😀
    Thanks for the ‘Follow’!!!

  2. jayni wilson-sickler

    Thank you, Stuart, for expressing the situation so wittily and honestly. I’ve have the same experience with Facebook many times and have now essentially withdrawn myself from viewing the debates. I’ve found that I’m not designed for social medial, especially FB!
    ~ jayni
    P.S. Thanks for liking “Whiskey Theology.”

  3. jennababy09

    Thank you so much for your recent following of my blog, “Good-Bye Normal,” and for liking my piece, Flipping Debilitating Fear the Bird.

    This post of your regarding fb is witty, and well, just spot on. The site, which used to be fun to re-connect with people you’d lost touch with has become a huge pain in the arse. Besides the cat pictures, of course.

  4. Love the bit about cat pics lol. I just go on Facebook for the dumb videos and internet pics. The arguing is absolutely exhausting. Where are these people’s priorities…tut tut

  5. Love this- so much perspective in so little space.
    Now that I want to follow, I note that I really like your personal touch of signing off each post. Good stuff. 😉

  6. writeitmyway

    I don’t call it Waste-of-Space-Book for nothing 🙂 We all have to get stuff off our chests, but create an Anti-Social Media. I can’t find Grumpy Cat among all the rants.
    Thanks for the follow, sir.

  7. gaiainaction

    You nailed it Stuart, that’s how many of us feel too, you put it in words, good words. Yes Facebook…. I get to have a break from it regularly as I get too involved in ‘issues’. But we all seem to be hooked. I much prefer to read what my bloggers have to say as it is less intrusive in a way. But then, Facebook keeps me up to date with certain interests, too many interests though, and overload is the problem, so I guess switching off is the only answer for those of us who cannot control our viewing time.
    Thanks for following my blog. I find blogging is a life saver, so enjoying it.
    Kind regards

  8. I have taken a Facebook sabbatical due to the back and forth bickering concerning recent events. The biggest one that gets me is the fighting over the confederate flag issue. I feel like history is repeating itself friend against friend, family against family, and it is heartbreaking to me. The only reason I don’t completely deactivate my account there is because my blog here posts to a “page” and I have a few followers that find it easier to keep up with my blogs via that page rather than subscribe here.

  9. I have always had the horrors about Facebook and ‘The Social Network’ movie was the final confirmation. But hey, latest medical research suggests viewing cat pics/movie clips on the internet can be good for your health! (Well the health of more introspective types – like us? – who mostly watch them (according to the stats.) Loved your perspective.

  10. I liked your Perspective piece so much, I immediately posted it to my Facebook page. Thanks for viewing my poetry. Facebook can be fun so long as you don’t take yourself or others too seriously. I’ll admit I get the biggest kick out of dog and cat stuff/pics and like to follow their politics which is “we agree with and love everyone”!

  11. I really think that Facebook has become nothing but a place to force your opinions on everyone on your friend list. While you might want to post a simple comment to a post such as the ones you are referring to, inadvertently it turns into much more. You comment and then every person that comments afterwards sends you a notification and before you know it, you have an inbox full of other responses and a full blown argument going on that you thought was just a harmless comment. I have tried to steer clear of Facebook for the past year because it breeds anger and jealousy over how good people lives look in pictures. News flash people, we all have problems and opinions but there are some things we should keep to ourselves. Privacy is something we don’t have a lot of these days and posting all your problems for the world to see only takes a little more of it away.

  12. natalattef

    Sadly this is so true. What started out as a great way to connect with family and friends, old and new, has now become a political arena. Which is probably why I spend so little time on there. A very poignant but humorous read. Thank you.

  13. Thanks for the follow! I really agree with you on the Facebook issue. I’m a really positive person, there to make friends and I’m a good and loyal friend. Goodness there can be some spitting hissy fits going on! Crazy. Oh I also use Facebook to try and help animals get homes! 😊And to look at cat pictures. 😊

  14. Allow me to bring forth an opinion that probably hasn’t been considered on this issue, and on other similar one. Most, if not all, of the people who are the flamers grew up with the “everybody wins” philosophy. They never had to face real competition and do not know how to deal with people who disagree with them so they lash out like a 2-year-old child because they were never forced to mature past that point. What to do about this, I don’t know.

  15. Thank you so much for the FOLLOW. For me, that is the ultimate compliment. I am honored that you found my writing worthy of your time and attention.
    I hope that I will continue to deliver quality content that inspires you and makes you smile 😉

  16. Walter Boomsma

    Perspective, balance, and tolerance are among my favorite words. You won’t find much of any of them on Facebook. There are a lot of inaccurate words used to describe Facebook. Ultimately it is nothing more than a data mining operation with the goal of removing all expectations of privacy.

  17. Well it is much more fun to read wordpress blogs than the um book afore mentioned….i fought the face ….bok……recently. Days away make it much more palatable. Thanks for the follow. Much happy trails in blogging

  18. Reblogged this on Babyblu's WORLD and commented:
    He was only there to see CAT pics …. !!!

  19. I like cat pics too but controversy is the true expression of the inner human condition.:0) It isn’t likely, to change but you post gave me a much needed chuckle.:0) Did you find any good cat picks in that mess to share?

    • I don’t know if I ever got around to finding cats… too much cat FIGHTING! haha

      • Well…the cats are found on Fakebook not Fightbook. Fakebook is ‘my’ life as I wish to present it and Fightbook is the place where ‘we’ feel safe enough to express who we really are! lol! We human beings don’t sit at the top of the food chain by accident, you know…

  20. Acceptance and Tolerance are words that are cast about so flippantly these days, I find that the people who throw those words around don’t really think about what they mean.
    Too many folks believe that they are tolerant and accepting but what it means is that they accept and tolerate everyone who is just like themselves. Anyone who isn’t needs to be shown the error of their ways and start to think, act and believe the same them.
    People that don’t understand or like the way other live need to stop trying to convince them that their lifestyle, beliefs and thoughts are wrong and just accept that to each their own.
    It would make the world, not just Facebook a lot better.

  21. You’re so spot on. I love to get on FB and see actual posts by friends…cute pics of babies, exciting accomplishments, even the occasional complaint about the mundane. lol. However, these days it’s all ‘my way or the highway’ and a whole bunch of ridiculous suggested posts. No Facebook, I do not want to be a crime scene investigator! Why even suggest that? I’ve not searched anything regarding that! lol. And no, I do not want to adopt. Yes, I want to be a mother- but after I’m married! And no, I do NOT want to buy that item I was viewing on ebay or amazon. Sheesh! What has Facebook come do? It’s time to fizzle out has come. Just like it did for MySpace. I deactivated my FB a few days ago and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in forever!

  22. It really is all about perspective, and to realize that one’s perspective of things is not the best/final/correct way to look at things, just one more way to look at life. By the way, I also LOVE all the cat pictures and videos on facebook!

  23. Thank you for liking “Strange Passage.” Great post! 🙂 Over the years, I have resisted getting a Facebook account because of privacy concerns. Now I have another reason to stay away. 🙂

  24. Thank you for following me 😀

  25. markthinks13

    Good read! One of the main reasons I have retreated to my blog – seems safer and much cozier there – and I can have all the cat pictures I want! 🙂

  26. great perspective on the ongoing FB
    Thanks for the follow too!

  27. There’s a time and a place, Stuart, and I’m on your side.

  28. wonderful writing – thank you! and thanks for following me…have a blessed day!

  29. I am a facebook addict and am trying to detox. Blogging was one thing I came up with to help wean me off. I loved your thought about if you needed help, you wouldn’t care what form it came in, you would gladly welcome the help. I’m going to try and remember that when I disagree with someone.

  30. Human Soles

    Hi Stuart, Thanks for the like, and I am liking he posts you have being sharing, where did it all begin for you? What made you start blogging, 🙂

    Victoria, Human Soles

  31. Hi Stuart! I have not tried to get on Facebook yet but thanks for this info about the downside. Thank you for the follow as well. 🙂

  32. I felt like I was reading some of my very own thoughts. And then I had to remind myself, I have been guilty of getting into “heated” debates on Facebook more recently myself. It’s not because I’ve actually been angered. I like discussion. But I’m with you…sometimes all you want to see are cat pictures.

  33. Pig pictures are where it’s at.

  34. John

    Dogs are better than cats, Stuart.

  35. Pingback: Sunday Brunch for Hungry Minds | How to $tuff Your Pig

  36. farasamarasa

    “Only to see cat pics” priceless 😂

  37. Equality 333

    Totally agrees i’ve been free of Facebook for two years now and it feels bliss. I lost a few friends but kept the ones who stay in touch, one might say the true friends.

    Thanks for the follow 🙂

  38. I totally agree with you. Being on Facebook and online in general, you don’t understand if people are being sarcastic, joking, serious and so on. I have had so many people say that and it makes everyone look like a bunch of dicks. These people are maybe trying to be funny but we take it personally.

    In my experience, we had a huge family blowout a few years ago due to this. It’s not just about what’s happening in the world. Facebook has the power to split up everyone.

    I tell the people I know without Facebook not to get it. I hate it so much, yet I cant bring myself to delete it because it does bring us closer. Its the way of life. It’s how I keep in contact with my family all over the world and sometimes its not that bad.
    It does just matter in what perspective you look at it in.

  39. I have to say your words ring true and at times I do want to shout at the people that feel the need to air their laundry in public and ridicule each other. Great writing.

  40. Thanks for the visit, and for the Perspective. I’ve cut way back on FB to keep my blood pressure down, although with politics being what they are right now, I’m clearly missing out on some very entertaining content. Keep up the good work as I look forward to your future posts and learning from bloggers who are way further down the road than I with this practice.

  41. Thanks for the follow! When I go to Facebook, it’s for the cat and dog videos, nothing more, nothing less. 😀

  42. Oy. It’s a platform for those with no other platform and anger about a whole lot more than the topic they’re discussing. Just my opinion, of course. Want to argue about it? :). I’ve issued you a shout-out and a challenge in my latest blog: Hope you’re up for it and have fun with it.

  43. Alex West

    I have been challenging myself not to enter into random arguments with people on the internet. Some days I even succeed! Thanks for dropping by and following my blog 🙂

  44. I’m happy to have stumbled onto your blog. Great perspective. I enjoy your writing. Hope you find more cat videos in the coming weeks.

  45. Laurie Cosbey

    Love your sense of humor!!!

  46. This is briiliant. Some very well-crafted lines in this post.

    “Some hated so they preached, some felt preached to so they hated. No one correct. Every view ridiculous. Perspective.”

    P.S. – Thanks for dropping by our blog! 🙂

  47. I’ve got some really nice cat pictures!

    Mickey the Cat too close

    Great blog post.

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