Today I logged into Facebook. Or is it Fightback?

Gosh. I was only there to see cat pics.

The routine arguments were still in play: I don’t eat meat so why do you, I send my kid to school so why does yours learn at home, I can have a gun and you can’t make me get rid of it, and everything bad is Obama’s fault, no it isn’t, yes it is, no it isn’t, yes it is.

In that scenario, confrontations between “friends” seem to have escalated this week due to current events. Motivated by the latest issues, good people who usually post pizza recipes or the price of a new muffler were battling other good people over opposing views on flags and court rulings in addition to the usual topics. Some attacked the issue and others attacked the person. No one safe. Every view declared wrong. Perspective.

Seriously. I was only there to see cat pics.

In that scenario, opinions flew. Those same good people on both sides labeled, condemned, and expressed disgust with anyone who opposed them. Venom spewing, name calling, and downright hateful comments were made over and over to anyone who disagreed with stated views. Some hated so they preached, some felt preached to so they hated. No one correct. Every view ridiculous. Perspective.

How about a different scenario? These days, when nastiness and evil seem to hit closer to home than ever, it’s not but so far-fetched to imagine that any one of us might suddenly find ourselves in a very unexpected and dangerous situation. What if one found the only source of help in such a case to be a member of the perceived opposition?

In that scenario, I think any of those arguing today would be happy to see help arrive on time and would still be ok whether he were eating turkey or tofu, toting a Bible or a gun, flying rebels or rainbows, or had his husband with him. Perspective.

I guess I could have stated my opinion while I was logged in today, but it didn’t occur to me at the time.

Truly. I was only there to see cat pics. Perspective.

Stuart M. Perkins



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323 responses to “Perspective

  1. I liked your article a lot. It is very true and reflecting my ideas about social media in general. Sometimes we say enough is enough sometimes we say we have to follow everything that is going on, like it, comment on it etc. Very nice article…I also would like to thank you for following my blog and appreciate what I write. Thank you very much.

  2. Here’s the thing. Our reality is based upon our individual perceptions. Ergo, you have your reality and I have my reality. It is useless to argue reality. We need to discuss our perceptions and how we arrive at them. That takes time, thought, and introspection to understand our perceptions. And, then, we can need to take the time, thought and empathy to understand the perceptions of others.

    In a nutshell, the above cannot be accomplished in what amounts to the bumper sticker mentality of social media.

  3. Good piece. The important word here is “social.” That seems to excape some people. Thanks for reading my blog. 🙂

  4. Eden p. Orbista

    Good read. what’s important is we respect individual’s perspective. This also is one piece that gives the readers a sense to be cautious of their actions. By the way, my sincerest thanks you for following me too.

  5. social media baffles me as much as anything nowadays. why would you choose to stream a heady mix of misery and pointlessness directly into your brain.

  6. I’m guilty of posting more than cat pics in Facebook … there are so many cute cats & dogs, I’d ‘ve thought you’d have a field day! (I wonder what the cats think of the dogs?)

    I’m grateful FB is a platform for such a wide gamut of opinions, albeit it revealing the frightening reality of where the majority of people are actually ‘at’ emotionally. But I allows me to note and engage with them or not, (on FB and in real life). Most of my FB friends I know in real life, and I’m grateful to be able to think ahead if I want to discuss their meaningful issues with them and in what manner – and no doubt they do the same with me. I see this as valuable.

    Most of my friends are not into venom … but there is a surprising amount of it out there! At least when I can see it, I can avoid it, or contribute (hopefully) a wider, more inclusive, detached or informed perspective. Mind you, there is always the ‘my research is better than yours’ war too!!!! Yes, we humans fight like cats & dogs … but we’ve managed to grow the ‘global family’ like sentiments … let’s hope that continues. Thanks for the follow – I don’t post, or read others’ posts often, but it’s great to find time occasionally … Cheers from New Zealand

  7. I’m very tempted to post a picture of my kitten here. I will refrain. But he is very cute.

    Facebook is a very painful topic for me- I will admit I do have one (who doesn’t?) but I never log on. It really is so full of negativity and, let’s be honest, ignorance. I much prefer those who tout their own beliefs rather than attack their friends -it’s a free country, and definitely a free Facebook- but in an environment where politicians rarely open their mouths without spouting some negative comment towards their (insert:conservative/liberal/what-have-you) counterparts, it’s easy to see where we average Joe’s are getting our cues from.

  8. K'lee L.

    Fantastic perspective. I’ve yet to test the Facebook waters…now so sure I want to now… But maybe I already knew that?

  9. Mamabear Chronicles

    Couldn’t agree more. I’m on Day Six of a week away from Facebook and I can’t say whether or not I’ll be going back. Too much negativity taking too much time away from my family. I’m working on instead coming up with a way to make the experience more personal and less news feedy. I love this blog!! 🙂

  10. This! Yes, this! Thank you, Mr. Perkins for speaking my mind so eloquently! Would love to read more, but work calls. Will return soon… 🙂

  11. You summed up social networking in a nutshell!

  12. Facebook is full of childish posts designed to get likes. One guy was posting pictures of famous actors etc. With the wrong name just to get people to reply. Others post complicated math questions with more than one correct answer, just so they can sneer at your lack of intelligence if you chose wrong. It’s a gigantic kindergarten.

  13. Perspective. Thank you for reading my blog and liking! Doing so sent me to yours.

    If we would all take a little time to SHIFT perspective, and step away from our own eyes and look through the eyes of the opposition/other, we might become aware of something entirely new. Often, we are told what our perspective should be, and therefore take it as truth and the proper path. We are told what our values should be, what our beliefs should be. Why? Because the mysterious ‘they’ said it was so.

    Shift perspective. Does the outside of a house tell you what is inside of it? Does it tell you about the people who live there, what their beliefs are? Maybe clues and subtle hints.

    However, if you go inside and look at the house from the perspective of the inhabitants, then an entirely DIFFERENT picture appears.

    That is what I gain from this post; MY perspective on things, so to speak. Cheers!

  14. Amen! I’m all about the cat pics and videos ( and photos of friends, travel and funny things ).

  15. Facebook can get my blood boiling sometimes. And I’m finding unfriending and blocking can be quite satisfying. I just don’t have the tolerance for personal attacks. But you’re right…if the guy I wrote about earlier was the only available source of help for something, then of course I’d take it. And I in turn would help him also.

  16. Oh and thanks for following my blog. 🙂

  17. Its silly isn’t it?? As kid presdent says: its okay to disagree , but its not okay to be mean


  18. I love this! We should all be able to live peacefully with our own opinions and mind our own business. Hope you got to see the cat pictures! 🙂

  19. Thank you for this. It’s nice to hear an opinion so like my own. I was starting to feel alone on Facebook.

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    I enjoyed this….. 🙂

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  22. I’m working on a piece right now that semi covers this and many other things. Nice to see I’m not the only one who thinks it’s worth writing about! Lol.

  23. Great post! It makes me wonder why we spend so much time and energy trying to separate ourselves from the “other” by arguing, excluding and name calling instead of spending the same time and energy actually including, connecting and accepting. Thanks for sharing!

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