Write It For Her Anyway

My grandmother, Nannie, died over twenty years ago but I still tear up at her memory. At the time she died I had never written much at all, and certainly not attempted poetry, but the urge to express what she meant to me kept surfacing. Her love of God and her insistence that we would all be together again were on my mind as I thought about writing a poem. Nannie was a second mother to all of her grandchildren, helping our mothers raise us, watch out for us, worry over us and pray for us.

Just after Nannie died I mentioned to a friend while she and I were at lunch that I had a poem in mind about Nannie, one that kept surfacing when I least expected it. I wished I’d written something for Nannie before she died so she could have read it. My friend had one response.

“Write it for her anyway.”

And so I did.

Today, that same friend called to let me know her mother died. In discussing what the family intended to do for a service, my friend said she wanted to write some things to say about her mother but she wished she’d written them while her mother was still here. I had one response.

“Write it for her anyway.”

My friend had long forgotten that she’d given me the same suggestion, one that would encourage me to write the first poem I’d ever written. Nannie wasn’t there to read it, but I wrote it for her anyway.

Hand in Hand

You held me tight in times I might
Not have wanted to stand.
A child so young, life just begun,
You there to hold my hand.

Your years flew past, painfully fast,
Sooner than I had planned.
Effort in talking, weakness in walking,
My turn to hold your hand.

But there’ll come a time, both yours and mine
To see wonderful things, so grand.
We’ll meet in that place, a smile on the face
And we’ll hold each other‘s hand.

Stuart M. Perkins



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292 responses to “Write It For Her Anyway

  1. Very touching. Thank you for sharing this story. I’ve never writen a poem for my mother – her passing over 30 years ago was tragic, one in which it took over 2 years for me to recover from. It made me smile to read your blog. 😄

  2. rubiredsaid

    You have great and abundant memories encouraging the reader to engage and take in your every word.
    Very interesting, a good read!

  3. Very sad indeed left me with a knot I lost my sister in January this year and another in July. So these words are very heartfelt
    And I empathise. :/ beautiful

  4. First time on your page and I will led to read this post. The title intrigued me, I dint not expect that it will be about your grandmother. I immediately understood way I had to read it. My grandmother passed away a month ago. I couldn’t attend her funeral as I was abroad at the time .
    You poem is beautiful and encouraged me today , as I am sure it has encouraged others before , and will continue to .

    • I thank you for that, and sorry to hear about your grandmother. If you’re like me you’ll think about yours every day from now on, and that’s a great thing. Thanks again for the comment.

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